9 Steps To Selling Beauty Products Online

These 9 Steps to Selling Online will get you traffic and revenue for your beauty business.

Step 1 To Selling Beauty Products Online - SEO (Search Engine Optimization

The first of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is SEO. SEO is important because you get free traffic if you can produce good quality content. It takes time to produce the content, however, and time is money.

SEO is also important because people are typing in keywords in the search engines, especially Google and they’re actually in the act of looking for your business or your service because the keyword shows the intention they have to solve a given problem or deal with a challenge or reach a goal. So they type in the keyword and when your page comes up in the search engine results you have an opportunity to be seen by them and hopefully they’ll click on your links and even go so far as to sign up for your list or purchase your product.

Last time I looked, there were over 300,000,000 searches being done on Google alone per day. So you definitely want to be visible to people in your niche that are using the search engines. There are 2 parts to SEO. You have Off Page Optimization and On Page Optimization.

Off page optimization involves getting inbound links into your site from other relevant and authoritative sites on the web.

On page optimization deals with your title bar, meta description and using your keywords you want to rank for on the page.

Step 2 To Selling Beauty Products Online - Pay Per Click

The second of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is Pay Per Click. Pay per click is important because, like SEO, you’re catching the searcher in the act of needing you.

They’re actually putting in a keyword that you can control when your add shows up. And the position of your ad when it shows up is based on the keywords they’re typing in and the amount they're bidding on that keyword.

You can also control the headline of your ad, the description in your ad and you have control over the landing page which the ad takes them to once they click the ad.

Pay per click is something you have to start off with very slowly until you learn the pay per click game.

You have to be careful because you can lose a lot of money not being familiar with the PPC environment. So make sure you take your time and learn the ropes and start off small.

But on the other hand, once you know how to work in this arena, it can be very lucrative once you find some ads that are really working for you.

Step 3 To Selling Beauty Products Online - Social Media

The third of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is Social Media. I would suggest learning how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are many other social platforms out there but those are the main 3 that are used in our business.

We’ve been able to build relationships and get our brand out there using social media as well as driving people to our website.

Make sure you take a look into Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I know some of you have already but it’s definitely something you don’t want to leave out of your marketing mix. Step 4 To Selling Beauty Products Online - Video Marketing

The fourth of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is Video marketing. Video marketing is huge. As you know, Google owns YouTube.

Now there are many other distribution channels out there but YouTube is the biggest one and it’s the one we use and we’ve gotten a lot of traffic doing so.

I would suggest you get involved in producing and uploading video. YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google.

There are millions of videos being uploaded everyday onto Youtube so go into the tutorials and learn everything you can. If you notice in the Google results you have video outranking websites more frequently than not.

Google has been giving a lot more preference to Youtube videos and searchers are clicking on those video results.

So make sure you get involved in

video marketing. Step 5 To Selling Beauty Products Online - Copy writing

The fifth of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is copy writing. Copywriting is very important on the Internet. The type of copywriting they use on the Internet is called direct response copywriting.

There are many books out on the market about direct response copy writing. Dan Kennedy has an excellent book on direct response marketing in general.

You can go to DanKennedy.com and check out his books on copy writing. John Carlton is another name you’d want to add to your database of top copywriters to learn from.

Copy writing is a skill that you’ll use on your web pages, your product descriptions as well as your marketing and promotional materials.

You don’t have to be a master at copywriting but you’ll definitely want to know good copy when you see it.

Step 6 To Selling Beauty Products Online - Analytics

The sixth of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is using Analytics. You want to sign up for Google Analytics, which is a free analytic tool that Google has. Go there and study the tutorial and learn your way around.

When I first got into Analytics I clicked some pages and learned my way around until I became familiar with analytics.

I heard one marketer say if you don’t have any analytics connected to your website, then you really have a hobby.

Without analytics you don’t know how many people are finding your web pages. You don’t know what keywords they’re using or how much time they’re spending on your site.

So there’s a wealth of information you get that can put you ahead of the competition if you grow your business by having an analytics account.

Step 7 To Selling Beauty Products Online - Email Marketing

The seventh of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is email marketing. I hope you have a database of names for your business.

Getting people to opt in for something free is a way to get them into your database.

We use Aweber for our auto responder but there are others on the market as well. Some people use OneShoppingCart.

We started out with One Shopping Cart and switched over to Aweber. Aweber is good for starting up and for advanced marketers, when you want to follow up and do promotions to your email lists.

You send them valuable content that’s useful to them and know that it will help them grow their business.

After every 3-4 emails you send them containing good content, you can send them a promotion to buy your product or service.

Email marketing is best when you have a responsive list that is opening and reading your messages. Step 8 To Selling Beauty Products Online - JVs

The eighth of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is using JVs.

Building your business through JVs or partnerships with other successful marketers is an excellent way of growing your database and getting exposure and sales for your beauty business.

Sometimes you can make money with your direct competitor. It depends on the flexibility of the direct competitor and how much they understand the power of joining forces and sharing their database with your visitors and vice versa.

Step 9 To Selling Beauty Products Online - Test

The ninth and one of the most important of the 9 steps to selling beauty products online is testing.

The most successful marketers online are ferocious testers. You definitely want to get an understanding of testing.

You’ll want to test your headlines, bullets and different prices for your promotions. Just about everything that’s involved in your marketing can be tested in one-way or the other.

You should test the Meta description, sales copy and optimization as well. So make sure you get a good understanding and use that.

Some of these things that we mention will work better for different businesses depending on the niche or market that you’re in.

Try to get an understanding of these things and put them to work in your business and see which ones work best for you. The 9 steps to selling beauty products online lay a foundation and building block for the growth of your business.

We've just scratched the surface. Each one of these steps requires and in-depth study from you as an entrepreneur and online marketer.

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