How To Use Clickbank To Increase Your Website Revenue

Clickbank is the largest affiliate program selling non-physical products on the Internet such as e-books and software. They pay out a larger commission because the products are all downloadable. So the cost of goods for the merchant are so low they can afford to give a bigger commission than other affiliate programs.

There’s no cost involved signing up for Clickbank and it’s a very simple process. After you register as an affiliate you can go to the link that says “Market Place” and there you can search for certain products under various categories that might fit the theme of your website. Of course you want to make sure that the product you intend to sell is relevant to your visitors.

Clickbank has an excellent tutorial, which I recommend you go through as soon as you sign up. Learn exactly how to navigate through all of the options so you can choose the appropriate product based on the metrics. For instance, each product has a gravity, which shows the popularity of a product (the success rate of the product according to affiliates who’ve marketed it).

Also, be sure to check for the percentage of commission you will receive for each sale that you earn for the merchant. I also recommend that before you sign up to market a particular product that you actually purchase and use the product to see the process. See how it’s delivered, downloaded and see what the benefits and features of the product are. Doing this will allow you to market the product with passion.

You want to include an article about the product you’re recommending on your site or you can put it in the form of a review. Reviews are very popular online right now because people feel they are giving you a very objective opinion of the product. Writing in review form shows more conversion as well.

If you have any bad experience or the product seems to be flawed, make sure that you’re honest about it. People will appreciate your transparency if you’re honest with them. There are very few products on the Internet that are 100% perfect. So if you find that there’s a drawback or flaw, it’s ok to mention it because you gain more credibility because your readers will look at you as being very honest.

If you have a database of subscribers, you can also email them with an offer showing them the product you’re an affiliate of. In conclusion, make sure you’re honest about your products and how you review them. Make sure you choose products that are relevant to the theme of your site that your visitors will find useful to them.

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