How To Leverage Your Content

Do you know how to leverage your content?

By leveraging your content, it means:

• Having a recording/video done, re-purposing it and putting it into a different format.

• Having the audio stripped from that video and put in the form of a podcast. You can then take the podcast and submit it into podcast directories like iTunes or have the podcast transcribed into articles.

You can take those articles and put them on your website or you can use that transcription as blog posts.

• Another way to leverage your content would be special reports. You can bundle some of your recordings together and have a special report, which you can distribute to certain directories where people go specifically for special reports.

• You can also take those transcriptions and bundle them into an eBook or a number of eBooks.

These eBooks can also be placed in iTunes, Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble but you want it distributed in as many places as possible.

Leveraging Your Content With Your Blog

From a single piece of content that you’ve created with a recording either via video or podcasts, you’ve now leveraged your content.

You can also use that content to do guest blogging. When you get other blog publishers to publish your content on their site so you can get traffic or inbound links to your pages on your website, you can use that content for those same purposes.

Most of the above, except for the recording of the actual video and podcast can be outsourced.

You can go to Elance and find someone to do the actual transcription, and then format your content into articles, blog posts, special reports and eBooks.

Your biggest job when leveraging your content, will be to make sure you have the knowledge of your particular niche, the knowledge that they will find useful.

As you record it and outsource the other steps and you can even have the outsource worker upload your content to your blog and the different directories for you as

well as format them. You can even have your outsource workers find EBook covers for you, proofread and make sure there are no misspellings and grammatical errors.

Finally …

Make use of your content and leverage it so that you can get a lot of mileage out of it.

Make sure you distribute it in as many places on the web as you can. Distributing your content offline is just as important as online.

Depending on the nature of your business you can leverage your content when you have brochures printed with information about your company and put them in places where your market frequents.

You can also make sure your brochures are given out to certain people who have a lot of connections, do a lot of networking and let them review your eBook and spread the word.

Also make sure when you distribute your content (press releases, articles) you submit them to newspapers and magazines so that your offline buzz gets going as well.

For example, if you work a trade show, another way to leverage your content would be to print hard copies of your eBook and sell them from your table at a trade show.

With these tips leveraging your content just got easier!

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