So, You Want To Start A Beauty Business?

Is A Beauty Business For You?

When I first thought about starting an Online Beauty Business, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.

So I hired consultant after consultant and paid lots of money to find out that I needed more information than I had.

I realized that if I’ve gone through this maze, there are others that I can assist as they work their way down the Beauty Business Road.

I spent 6 hours at the computer each day looking for resources. I even thought that I could sell someone else's product and those companies never got back in touch with me.

I was so frustrated. I found myself saying “Self, You can do this.” I was actually in the kitchen with recipes making products.

Everything from soaps to lip balms, lotions, body creams, body oils … you name it, I tried to make it.

Then I realized that I couldn’t produce everything myself and have my sanity. So I had to start cutting back on what I made.

Starting An Online Beauty Business and Finding Your Niche

I’d read that you had to find a unique place in the market.

I later learned that this was

finding your niche. So my approach became and still is to offer skin care products from a holistic approach. Starting a beauty business can be fun and exciting.

I liked caring for the skin I'm in, so I looked for an esthetic school and became an Esthetician. We're also referred to as Skin Care Therapist.

But this decision would allow me to fully understand what it meant to take care of the skin on your entire body.

Not just the skin of young women or mature women but the skin of All women. Are You Thinking of Starting An Online Beauty Business?

What do you need to know in order to make your online beauty business successful?

You might find that you will need a class to support your choice of product, take it.

Every bit of knowledge supports your foundation as the expert you are becoming in your field.

So …… You want to start a beauty business …from home, using the internet … make up, skin care, bath and body, candles, that’s great.

There has never been a better time to start a beauty business and with the use of the internet, you can go global in no time.

But, before you start globe trotting, you'll want to get a foundation from home base and then I’ll show you how to sell to the world.

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