5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Beauty Business PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns for your beauty business are a great way for your website to gain and increase revenue.

Pay-per click campaigns consist of a website placing advertising that is targeted to its customers on your website.

There's an agreement between you and Google, that when a customer clicks through to the advertised site a small commission will be paid to you, the owner of the site, in which the consumer made the click.

While this is a useful tool and an income generator in internet marketing, there are some pitfalls to avoid when conducting your own PPC campaign.

Don't set it and let it go!

Constant care should be paid to a campaign. If you let it just sit there, it won’t increase your business, and potentially could hurt it.

If you don’t look at your statistics, they will become just that…static. Using Default Settings On Your Campaign

Using default settings on your campaign might not be the best solution for your campaign. If you cast too wide a net, you probably won't get the targeted click you are looking for that can convert.

Make it a habit to re-visit your settings. For example, take a look at your location targeting.

It’s perfectly fine to utilize the standard setting, but make sure it is the right need for your beauty business. You may find it is beneficial to narrow down to a more specific location.

Broad Keywords for Your Beauty Business?

Using very broad keywords in order to reach a wide audience isn’t always a profitable idea.

First of all, they are expensive. The keyword might happen to be high volume, but unless you also happen to be a high volume company, you most likely can’t afford those clicks.

For example, targeting coats will draw people searching for hundreds of different types of coats.

By not narrowing it down, these clicks are less likely to convert at all. Single keyword clicks can be quite expensive as well.

Keep testing and checking your keywords for a PPC campaign. Look for lower cost keywords that will translate into a click that first, you can afford, and second, creates income.

Not Creating A Detailed Landing Page

By not creating a detailed landing page that really targets your customer and the ads presented, you are missing out on lots of business.

Use verbs, not lots of adjectives that, while wonderful, only describe and do not prompt a click through.

Give a call to action. You may have the best but if you don't tell a consumer what they are clicking for, whether it is to save, to buy to get the best deal now, then you may just lose that click and that can be expensive.

Is your call to action hidden where all of the other ads are? Make that landing page for your beauty business stands out!

Google doesn’t necessarily give a top spot in sponsored ads to the almighty highest bidder ... haven’t you heard? Google wants quality content on a quality, detailed landing page.

Your landing page content must be relevant to your ad and your keywords in your ad. It's even better when the headline on your landing page contains your keywords as well.

Not Analyzing

Last but not least, a big mistake you need to avoid with your PPC campaign is not analyzing. You might analyze your PPC campaign every day, but do you analyze your competition’s? Your competition isn’t just who has the coveted top spot on Google, either.

You need to pay attention to what is going on in the online marketplace.

Follow the ebb and flow of what’s hot and what’s not in your advertising.

If you keep an awareness that steers clear of tunnel vision, you may avoid many of the mistakes people make in PPC campaigns for their beauty business.

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