Advertising and Email Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business

One of the most important things you can do when advertising and email marketing online for your beauty business is to segment your list. When segmenting your list it should be based on the different interests of your subscribers

You can increase your open rate by simply sending targeted emails to certain segments of your lists. It also increases the click through rate from the email promotions that you send to your list when the list is segmented properly.

Segmenting Your List To Get The Best Results For Advertising and Email Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business

So make sure you don’t act like one size fits all and send the same email to the different segments on your list. You can survey your list to find out what their interest are and then send the appropriate emails to them based on the results of the survey.

You can also look at whatever your opt-in box is saying. Is your offering as an ethical bribe matching the interest of your market? Make sure whatever they’ve opted in for that the email campaign fits that particular market. For example, if you have an e-commerce store and you’re selling hair, skin and body products, you might have some people who’ve opted in specifically to get information on hair products. So you wouldn’t necessarily send them information on skin care products. You would send them information on hair care products.

Another good way to segment your list would be based on those subscribers that have made a previous purchase from you, which would be considered your “buyers list”.

If they already purchased a product from you and are satisfied, you would send them different campaigns or messages. You would offer them similar promotions that would make them aware of new products that you have to offer that could enhance the results they got from the first product.

Nevertheless, you would definitely market to them as a previous buyer. The subscribers on your list who have not made a purchase would get a different type of promotion, maybe offering a first time buyers discount

You want them to buy by giving them some type of incentive to make that first purchase. These strategies will increase the effectiveness of your email campaign.

Another way to promote to your email list is to target your best (repeat) customers who’ve bought from you many times in the past. This is very effective when advertising and email marketing online.

You can put them on a preferred customers list and when you send out a promotion, you can offer them a discount on their favorite products they’ve bought from you in the past. This helps to increase loyalty and all customers like to feel appreciated.

You can also reach out to those customers who have not made a purchase from you for a long time. There are many reasons a customer may not have purchased from you recently.

In life, things happen, so by you sending out an email putting yourself at the top of their mind, it can prove an effective method for your email campaign.

Using these methods with your email campaigns requires more work. But the payoff is great. You have to pay a lot more attention to the subscribers on your list.

You’ll want to know what their interest and challenges are, so it does require time and effort. But it will increase your bottom line, so put forth the effort that’s necessary to do that.

Your Subscriber List Is Like Having Gold In Your Advertising and Email Marketing Online Campaign

It’s very difficult to outsource this kind of work because you don’t want people having that kind of access to your subscriber list.

So if you have someone on your team who can take on these tasks, all the better. Your subscriber list is your most valuable asset.

Another effective strategy would be to find out any holidays (birthdays, graduations, anniversaries…etc) that are important to your subscribers.

You can send special promotions that are tailored around anniversaries, birthdays or graduations. That has been tested and found to be very effective. A lot of times subscribers don’t like to give up that information, but some do.

So if you can get that information it will most certainly increase your conversions and open rates.

Another way is to try to find other marketers who have a big subscriber list or database of names that are related or relevant to your market.

If they have a newsletter, you can see about advertising in there, as long as the list is relevant to yours. This is definitely something to investigate because this will help you establish authority in your niche quickly.

Another good strategy is to do what they call a “soft sell”. Don’t just send out a "hard sales" promotion every time. Sometimes you just want to talk about a particular problem or issue that your niche may be having.

At the end of the email just tell them: “If you’d like more information, click here” and that will send them to an actual sales letter or order page.

Finally …

One final point in advertising and email marketing online for your beauty business is to Test the particular days and times of the week that you send out promotions. Sometimes it works better for certain niches to promote on the weekends, other times it might work better for weekdays.

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