Affiliate Marketing For Your Beauty Business

Affiliate marketing is my absolute favorite method of selling beauty products online, especially as a beginner. Why?

Imagine selling a good or service that you don't even need a warehouse to store it in or a brick and mortar shop to sell it out of.

That's the essence of this type of marketing. Selling a product that someone else has already done the leg work for.

Affiliate marketing is....Marketing. What is marketing? The process used to determine what products and/or services may be of interest to people and the strategy to persuade them to reach in their wallet and pay you for providing that good or service.

Now generally when we get into a let me back up for a second. Generally, when we decide we want to sell a good or service, very few of us actually do the marketing research or competitive analysis to assure success. We just press up a bunch of doo-hicky widgets, some business cards (some of us will even lease out a space) and now we're in business. For most, this is the beginning of the end.

What novice entrepreneurs tend to forget, whether be it the mist of pride or a sheer uncontrollable desire to rush into things, is that we're not in the business of creating a niche for anything. We are in the business of marketing to an already thriving niche that has a need that has to be filled. So where does affiliate marketing come into play?

Affiliate marketing takes that one extra step away from you, the marketer. Someone (god bless em) has taken the liberty to identify a need and filled it for you. Does this mean there's no room for you to profit? Absolutely not. But it does mean that all you have to do is take that already successful good and market it to your own audience of the same need.

You don't have to invent anything. The invention is already there and the want for that invention is thriving. Let's take amazon for an example. Amazon has a wonderful affiliate program that pays from 3% and up (if you sell a $100 product, you can earn anywhere from $3 and up).

If you're in the fitness niche and you have a list of 10,000 people, you can promote a $100 fitness machine to your list. If just 3% of your list was to purchase that product through amazon, you would have sold 300 fitness machines. At $100 a unit, that would make you $900 off of that one promotion. Absolutely amazing, isn't it?

A $900 profit off of one promotion is enough to make any marketer drool at the thought of that potential. But more than the profit potential is the process potential. You've sold 300 units of a fitness machine that you never touched, packaged or shipped.

Amazon did all of that for you. Could you imagine the shipping cost, storage fee and the monthly bill on a warehouse you would have to endure if you physically sold those units yourself.

And THAT'S the beauty of affiliate marketing. No inventory, no payment processing and you have unlimited reach to everyone around the globe. All you, the marketer, have to do is market effectively through the means you choose.

Now depending on what you set your goals for and depending on what niche you're in, your success rates will depend on variables.

That's okay because as marketers everything is about testing anyway. Variables like the quantity you hope to move through your means of marketing and promotion.

The cost of what you want to offer to your niche. How much is it going to cost you to promote the good/service? These are all variables that you have to consider when mapping out exactly what it is you want to achieve for your beauty business.

There are many ways you can get started with affiliate marketing. Services like Clickbank , Share-A-Sale, Commission Junction (CJ), and Amazon are just to name a few. Again it's all about what you are trying to achieve. Get started by studying some of these services. If you haven't identified a niche that you'd like to get into, looking at what's already selling and that might give you some insight.

Just remember that as a marketer, it's your job to fill a need or a want and not to create one.

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