Affordable Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business

When we talk about affordable marketing online for your beauty business, it can be relative depending on your budget. I’m going to assume you have a very small budget starting out, so this article is going to focus on things you can do with little or no money.

Affordable Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business Using Video Marketing

The first thing that it’s necessary to invest in would be a digital camera. This way, you’ll be able to produce your own video. Video marketing is huge online.

Google owns YouTube and they’re serving up video in the search results pages. Videos are ranking very high, so it’s a small investment to get a digital video camera so you can begin to upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

I won’t go into exactly how to produce a video in this article or other tactics on how to get your video ranked highly. That’s for another article, but you want to make sure you begin to investigate video marketing and production.

Affordable Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business Using A Digital Recorder

Also, you’ll want to invest in a digital recorder so you can begin to do podcasts. That’s another affordable way of getting your brand out there and bringing traffic to your site.

You want to record a podcast or do a podcast series. Do a podcast tip once a week and distribute them through podcast directories, RSS feed or on your site or blog,

You can put them in iTunes and that will give you great exposure and traffic to your site.

Affordable Marketing Online Writing Articles

The next thing is writing articles. This can be expensive if you want to outsource it through E-lance, Craigslist or some other outsourcing platform.

If you were able to write your own articles, then that would really save you a lot of money. If you’re good at writing or you have somebody on your team that’s good at writing, it’s a very affordable way to market your business online.

You can do guest blogging, which you have to be careful with now after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

You want to be very choosy as to which sites you want to do guest blogging on and you want to have quality articles, very informative and well written.

Article marketing for your beauty business can pay big dividends as to getting you traffic and getting your brand out there. If you’re not good at writing, you can record your articles and have someone transcribe and format them for you.

Affordable Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business Using Special Reports

Another thing you can do is special reports. Again, this is if you’re good at writing. If you have to outsource the special report, that can get quite expensive.

But if you can do special reports yourself by having them transcribed and formatted, that’ll save you money as well. Market your special reports through your social media and website. Affordable Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business Using Social Media

Next is social media. Social media is free, but it requires time and content. The top social media outlets, as of now, are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Those are the top platforms where you can share your content and increase your traffic to your website or blog. Social media requires time, quality content and you have to engage other members to interact with your for total effectiveness.

Affordable Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business Using Joint Ventures

Next would be a JV (joint venture) agreement. You find someone who has a big database of subscribers and you can see if they’ll do a mailing for you.

If you have a promotion or you’re trying to build your database, you can approach them and see if they can mail for you and you give them a part of the proceeds that are made to their lists.

Also, if you have a product, whether it’s physical or an info product, you can set up an affiliate program where you can have other affiliates out there selling your product for you. That’s also an effective way to market online. You’ll need different templates to make available to your affiliates such as banner ads and text ads to make their marketing efforts of your product easier.

Affordable Marketing Online For Your Beauty Business Using eBooks

Lastly, is an eBook. An eBook doesn’t have to be 200 pages. You have eBooks that are 25 pages, 50 pages or 75 pages.

But if you can write and you know the information in your niche very well, you can do eBooks and give them away for free and sell them. An eBook is also something that can be recorded, transcribed and formatted much like articles.

The main thing is to get started. Don’t try and wait until you have everything perfect. Just get started with some of these strategies and then you can make adjustments along the way as you test and tweak.

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