The Benefits of An Auto Responder For Your Beauty Business

What is an auto responder? It's an email component that allows people to receive details about your products, company information and services. Why do you need one for your beauty business?

Because if you were to address each and every person in your database individually every time you had an announcement, you'd be 100 years old before you got half way (depending on the size of your list).

There are many ways an auto responder can help your beauty business. Some of them are:

Efficiency - Just like we mentioned above, no one has the time to address each person on their list individually and an auto responder can do that for you.

Remember, you're supposed to be working on your beauty business, not in it. Efficiency is gonna be the name of the game when your list is growing by 10, 20, and even 100's of people by the day.

The ability to Monitor your customers - People who join your list are gonna join fundamentally for the same reasons. However, as they grow accustomed to receiving messages and offers from you, different interest will peak in different people.

For example, 10 people might have joined your list to receive a free "blah blah blah", but once they're in the rotation, 4 of those people might not respond to offer (A), and 6 might.

Once those 6 respond to offer (A), they don't need to receive that same offer as 2 new people who've opted in or the 4 that didn't. You have the ability to segment your list and monitor who's responding to what.

Monitor Your Product - It's always easier to simply ask your list (your market) what they'd like to see more of as opposed to throwing an offer out and hoping it will stick. Surveying and testing your list is a great way to see who's responding to your offers and at what rate.

It amazes us how many people still don't utilize this tactic. Why play the guessing game with what to offer your list when you can just ask them. Don't worry, when you've consistently communicated with them like you're supposed to, they WILL let you know.

Technical Support - People always need help with a product, and having effective technical support is important. If they leave a message, they want to know that you’re going to reply in a timely fashion.

Using an auto responder to send them an email reassuring them that you’ve received their note and are working to correct their problem can go a long way toward keeping them as customers. Nothing alienates people faster than being ignored. You can reply to email contacts 24/7, 365 days of the year. It never sleeps or needs a vacation.

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