Best Selling Products Online

What Are The Best Selling Products Online?

According to the NPD (National Purchase Diary) the best selling products online are books, computer hardware/software, apparel, toys/video games, DVDs and health and beauty products.

Those are the top sellers, but they’re also other categories that sell well online. Sporting goods, jewelry, office supplies and cell phones just to name a few more.

According to research, over 600 million books will be sold on the Internet this year. That number is expected to grow.

In that area you have Amazon along with Barnes and Noble who are top players when it comes to marketing books online, but you as an entrepreneur with your own website would be able to sell books into a niche market.

You want to have in place, the plan and strategy to find where your market hangs out online. Where do they hang out? What language do they speak? You want to make sure you find out what forums and groups they hang out in.

What social media sites are they on? You have to make sure the people you're trying to reach are even searching online for the products or services that you want to offer.

Once you find out they're online searching for a solution to certain problems your product can solve, make sure you know where to find them online and how to reach them.

Although only a small percentage of Internet users reported in a recent survey that they had purchased beauty products online, nearly 2/3 of the people that voted said in the near future that they’d be considering using the internet to order beauty products.

So there lies a great opportunity for you.

Now with all of these products that we’ve mentioned, you want to try and niche them down or find a particular area that you have an interest in.

If there’s a sufficient amount of demand online for certain products just make sure that it will hold your interest.

You’re going to be required to produce content and learn a bit about copywriting.

You may decide to start an ezine or newsletter to communicate with your database.

You definitely want to have a database of subscribers to market to over and over again.

So, the more interest you have about the particular product you’re selling, the better able you are to communicate or market to that particular niche.


So above everything else, regardless of what seems to be the best sellers, you want to make sure you have knowledge and/or experience with that particular product before you embark on selling it online.

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