Writing A Blog Post Effectively

There is much to be said when writing an effective blog post. Once you have your blog site set up and ready to go, your next task is to begin to populate it with content that relates to your business.

There are do’s and dont’s when it comes to posting on your business blog. The following helpful ideas will make sure you are headed down the path for success with yours.

Choose a post title that is at least 6 words long and includes your important or chosen keywords.

For example, if you are doing a blog article on how cheap it is to use homemade soap, you might choose a keyword friendly title such as “Homemade Organic Soap is Gentle on Your Skin and Pocketbook”.

Be sure to include your primary keyword in the first sentence of your post, and then once for each additional paragraph.

Do not try to over stuff your article with keywords because your article will end up sounding unprofessional and you may get penalized for keyword spamming by Google.

If you are writing your blog post using Word, it is always a good idea to pop it into Notepad and then into the posting text box in the admin section of your blog.

This makes sure all the extra code from Word is stripped out and your upload is nice and clean.

Always try and work one of the following into the body of your blog post – your business name, your chosen primary keywords that represent your business, or the names of specific products you sell. This helps to increase your business revenues, and from a search engine point of view, helps Google automatically connect the dots between your website, blog site and others websites that either carries your product lines, or syndicates your blog content.

Post a minimum of 3 times weekly with original content. If you are not a great writer, hiring a professional writer with the ability to capture your voice is fairly easy to do and not overly expensive.

It is important to have quality content that reflects a high level of professionalism, which will affect how others see your business. It is also important to check spelling and grammar on each and every blog post before it is published to your blog site.

Finally, if you use content from other sources, make sure you acknowledge the original source. Never claim content as your own, even if you are doing so without malice.

A simple link at the bottom of the article back to the original article will generally suffice. In some cases (and check the fine print at the bottom of the article) you may need the author’s permission to reprint the article.

If you use the newer versions of blog software available, such as WordPress, you do not need any HTML or advanced computer knowledge. With just a little bit of practice, you can have your blog up and running.

In no time at all, you will be able to upload and add images to your articles, hyperlink and cross promote topics and products like a professional and use your blog posts to increase revenues and traffic to your business website.

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