Building Relationships For Your Online Beauty Business

Building relationships for your online beauty business is very important for your success. A lot of business owners don’t pay attention to the importance of relationships. You want to have good strong relationships with the vendors that you buy from and even your competitors. Some of your competitors may feel threatened, but if they’re smart they can also be a source for good relationships.

Building Relationships For Your Online Beauty Business With Your Competitors, Vendors and Employees

An online marketer who worked in public relations told me once that she increased her business by working with her competitors. You also want to have a good relationship with bloggers that are within your niche market. You can have them contribute content to your site and vice versa you both can get exposure for your brand, product or service.

Also, you have your outsource workers that you outsource your writing and other things too. You want to also try to build a good relationship with your outsourcers (freelancers). In our business we have about 5 freelancers we can turn to for any content we want to get done, as well as programmers and web designers.

Of course if you have employees in your company you want to have strong relationships with them as well. When it comes to dealing with your vendors, in the long term, the more products you buy from them, the more open they’ll be to building a strong relationship with you.

After all, they’re in the business to sell their product and when they see you’re a serious sales person and you’re buying their product, they’ll open up to you and let you know about new products that they have coming in and they’ll be open to sharing samples with you and letting you test them.

When you do business with them, try to make it as personable as possible. Try to see if you can get them on the phone and be as personable with them as you can as opposed to just emailing them. You can email them and let them know you’ll be contacting them but it’s always important to let them hear your voice. Another bonus is they can often have information on your competitors because other people in your niche are likely buying product from them as well.

Vendors also have to be up on trends in your market so they can keep you up on the changing trends before they actually happen.

Sometimes, who you consider to be a competitor in your market may not be a “hot” competitor or a direct competitor selling a product or a product very similar.

But sometimes you can cross-market with that competitor and it can benefit both of you. For instance, we sell natural hair products and there’s another natural hair site owner who sells adornments for hair and she has a link to our site and we have a link to hers.

So when you think of competition, examine it and see if you can find a window where you can both benefit but not bump heads as far as taking away sales from one another but actually helping each other make more sales. This is very valuable in building relationships.

Building Relationships For Your Online Beauty Business With Bloggers and Writers

There are bloggers that have a lot of traffic that’s related to your market, you definitely want to have a good relationship with them. When you approach the bloggers, you can do guest blogging for their site where you write a relevant quality article for their site.

A lot of bloggers are looking for good content for their audience to consume. You can approach them and let them know that you have high quality relevant content for their readers and they would be happy to do that.

Another benefit of writing for other websites would be getting links back to your site, which would increase your rankings in the search engine and get you more sales for your business.

You build the relationships with these website owners by writing articles yourself or you find writers that write quality content, format the content properly with images and the site owner will put your article on a publishing schedule.

When using writers you can test them out over time and see the quality of their content. If you’re satisfied with them and you’ve built a relationship, you can actually let them publish the content for you on your website or put it in queue before you hit the publish button.

Treat your writers well and pay them on time and assist them in writing good content for you by providing them with the proper keywords.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time hunting for people to outsource your work too. If you already have those people in place and they’re good, responsible and dependable, make sure you treat them good and your business will run like a well-oiled machine.

Finally …

Your vendors, blog owners, writers and competitors will welcome the opportunity to help in building relationships with you for your beauty business.

If they truly understand the nature of business, they will understand that good relationships make a win-win combination for all parties involved.

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