Buying Beauty Products Online

Are Your Shoppers Buying Beauty Products Online?

More than half of the United States shoppers are buying beauty products online. What does that mean for you if you’re contemplating starting and marketing a beauty business online or a personal care business on the Internet?

Well it seems that the trend would be in your favor if you decide to jump on board.

According to A.G. Kearney, a marketing research company, personal care and beauty products are in the region of $3 billion, which represents about 5% penetration of the total category.

According to a new study, they examined the shopping behavior of consumers and implication for retailers and beauty brands.

Is Your Client Ready To Start Buying Beauty Products Online?

Many retailers of beauty and personal care products have been reluctant to make a big push to move their products online.

But because of this heavy trend in which consumers are buying more than half of their beauty and personal care products on the Internet. These companies have no choice but to jump on board, rather than leave a tremendous amount of money on the table.

Many of these companies are saying they’re at the point where they have no choice but to enter the market online to stay competitive. So they have to think about what we call multichannel marketing, which means that you want to market online and offline.

Furthermore, you have to take advantage of social media, search engine optimization, PPC and banner ads, magazines, television, radio, direct mail and trade shows.

This is what we mean by multichannel marketing. So these companies have to embrace that strategy of using many marketing tactics, otherwise they will get left behind.

In the study based on a survey, respondents from 1381 participants from across the US and Canada found that 62% shop online regularly and of these, 60% purchase beauty and personal care products online.

Where’s Your Opportunity In Selling Beauty Products Online

So you see that there’s a huge opportunity if that’s the category you wish to go into. The opportunities are great and they’re going to increase in the future.

If you make the decision, now is the time to get as much quality information as you can from someone who’s been there and done that, who understands the process and who has actually started a personal care and beauty business online from scratch.

Now is the time to seek out quality information, education, coaches and/or consultants to help you get started on the right foot and save a lot of time, money and frustration by taking advantage of their knowledge and experience.

Information, Education, Knowledge of Your Market

As you gather your thoughts on how you’ll enter into marketing your beauty business online, take your time and be patient in your approach so that you’ll find the right information.

There’s an onslaught of people waiting for you, “the newbie” to enter into the world of Internet marketing. Many so called coaches and consultants don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t have the experience and those that do, won’t give you what you need to be successful.

Take your time, find out what information is available, what you need to know and educate yourself on how to move forward.

Don’t rush but don’t procrastinate either! Find balance in your approach and you’ll eventually know your niche and how to approach your market.

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