8 Call To Action Strategies To Increase Your Bottom Line

A Call to action is one of the main strategies that most marketers (online and offline) don’t understand how to use effectively. Many are shy about asking for the sale, or asking for the lead. Therefore, they leave a lot of money on the table by not using this simple technique.

Here are a few different ways to make your call to action more effective.

1. Urgency. All calls to action should have a sense of urgency such as a limited amount of products available. Or that the offer will only be available for the next 48 hours or 2 days. Without a sense of urgency you don’t get prospects to act now.

The purpose of your call to action is to not have them postpone their purchase. You want them to act immediately. So telling them there’s a time limit, or a limited supply of what you’re selling is a good way to get them to react quickly.

2. Risk Reversal. Many prospects/clients have apprehension about pulling out their credit card to make a purchase and then later having “buyer’s remorse.” People usually buy on emotion and then later justify their purchase with logic.

The actual way most purchases are made are from emotion so if you can add a guarantee with your call to action (let them know they can use the product for 60-90 days and if they’re not completely satisfied, they can get their money back).

Typically, the longer the period of guarantee, the better the sales conversion. Some companies have even gone so far as to offer an unlimited money back guarantee.

3. Break Up The Payments Into A Series. This allows the customer the option of not having to pay for the product all at once. For example, if you’re selling a product for $150, you can break the payment up into 3 payments of $50 and that has been tested and proven to increase sales conversion.

4. Offer “Paid for results.” If you know you have a service that’s guaranteed (a consulting firm that gives marketing advice), you can give your customer the option to pay on a contingency basis meaning you pay for results.

5. Offer Free Support. If your customers have any problems with your product (or service) after purchase, you can let them know you offer them complete free support. They don’t have to pay anything to reach out and get help. They can email or call and get all of the support they would need.

6. Try It Before You Buy It. It’s been proven very effective for us to offer sample kits and let people try our products to let them make a better decision. We also include free samples in any order so a customer can get a feel for any other product that might be useful to them. When you choose to use this strategy, make sure that you keep it within your budget.

7. Ease Of Purchase. You want to make sure you give your customer a number of ways to make a purchase. Enable them to use all major credit cards, Paypal, fax order or toll free order. The more ways you give a client to make a purchase and the easier you make those purchases, your bottom line will swell. So make sure you pay attention to the ease of purchase. You should even test out the buying process yourself and make sure that it’s smooth and delivered as promised.

8. Offer First Purchase Coupon. For first time buyers you give them a coupon for $10 off or 20% off of the first purchase. This has been proven to work in many cases. Again, use this strategy only if your business model markup allows you to do so. It’s a great way to increase conversion and get new customers to try your product.

These strategies have worked wonders for our businesses over the years and if you apply them diligently, you will see how much of a difference it will make in your conversion and sales growth.

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