Content Marketing

Content marketing is usually referred to as using the content you produce such as videos, podcasts, blogs or special reports, to bring attention to your business.

This means you’ll have to begin to think of yourself as a publisher. Typically you’d think of yourself as a business owner selling a given commodity but not in this case, you are now a publisher.

Begin to think of yourself as becoming a part of the media. There was a time when only the “big boys” could become publishers because it required getting newspapers out, magazines out or doing direct mail.

So if you didn’t have enough budget or resources to print products up like the big boys, it was a huge barrier to entry. The average person couldn’t afford to become a publisher, get their content out and have a voice.

The Internet Makes It Possible For Everyone To Publish Content

Now with the advent of the Internet, everyone has an opportunity to be heard. Now the average person can sit at home in front of their computer and reach people across the world with their message.

You’ll want to be one of the people to take advantage of these opportunities. Social media has come into play and made it even easier to get your voice in front of an audience and guide them to your product or service. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are platforms for reaching your market.

Well this is the Internet and new apps and platforms are always entering the picture.

Speaking of pictures, introducing Instagram, it’s the new kid on the block that allows you to share pictures to your social media platform right from your smart phone and to your website.

Publishing Quality Content Brings Your Market To You

Thinking of yourself as a publisher allows you to draw people to you with quality content that you’ve published targeting your audience.

It allows you to establish yourself as an expert to your audience. So don’t just throw any type of content out there. Make sure it’s well researched and formatted and has quality images.

Through testing, it’s been shown that people respond well to content with images better than content without. Also, having images attached to your content enables it to be “pinned” on Pinterest. You no longer have to go out and chase people and do a hard sell.

When you use content marketing, you use, what Dan Kennedy calls, magnetic marketing. Magnetic marketing gives you the opportunity to motivate the people in your niche to seek you out because you’ve established yourself as an authority.

Finally …

Content marketing and creation of content is something that’s an ongoing process. It’s not a quick fix for building traffic to your website or creating a buzz in the market place about your brand.

When creating your content make sure you include the keywords in your content that your niche market uses to search online. This will give your content a better chance of ranking in the search engines. When you create video or podcast content, be mindful of the keywords you choose in writing the descriptions.

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