Effective Copywriting - How To Draw Readers Into Your Message

Effective copywriting is what will make all of the difference in a visitor who stays in your site and a visitor who bounces from your site as fast as they got there. Ask yourself, what is it about your favorite magazine or website that keeps you coming back every day, week or month? It's the content, and the content is comprised of effective copywriting.

There is a science to constructing a good body of content that draws a reader into your sales funnel. Some of the components of this sweet science consist of:

-A good headline

-Leading with benefits to the targeted reader

-Adding value to what your offering them


-A call to action A good headline

The main component of copywriting is a good headline. A good headline is the equivalent to walking up to a total stranger and introducing yourself. The very first thing you say to that person can determine whether they will want to hear the rest of what you have to say.

Similarly, your headline is what will peak the reader's interest to read further into what you have to say. The purpose of the headline is not to sell a product or service you offer, but to get people to read further into the body of your content. Powerful headlines will peak interest and curiosity.

Lead with the benefits

In marketing, and life for that matter, most people want to know one thing when you interact with them. "What's in it for ME?" This is just the way it is and the same holds true in effective copywriting. Always lead with the benefits to the targeted reader. A famous saying in the marketing world is you don't sell someone a drill, you sell them the hole.

Always lead with how whatever you're talking about, selling, offering or suggesting is going to benefit THEM (the reader). They have come to you with a problem to solve so waste no time in letting them know how you're going to solve it.

Add Value to your offer

No one wants anything that isn't of any value. No one wants anything that doesn't even have the perception of value. Everyone wants to feel like they've gotten more than what they paid for. Everyone loves feeling like they are acquiring something that's gonna bring a life changing value to them. In copywriting, it's your responsibility to convey this to the reader.

They must feel like their time, money and energy is going to be invested in something that's gonna put them in a better position than they were before.

Give your offer urgency

Ever wonder why the holiday shopping season is the most profitable for 99.9% of all businesses? The urgency. From black Friday until the day after Christmas the best deals, sales and discounts are bestowed upon millions of shoppers looking for a way to save money. This is all done by putting urgency on the "Holiday Season." Think about it? if you had a whole year to get a washer and dryer set at a set price, how much would you push to make the purchase? Now, what if you only had 3 weeks to get that washer and dryer at a 60% discount or you'd have to pay full price? Now you're flying out the door, right?

This is all done by urgency. Whenever you want your readers to act fast on a given situation, give them a limited time to do so. Make them feel like if they don't act NOW, they could be

missing out and perhaps setting themselves up to pay more in the future.

The call to action

The call to action is your anchor to effective copywriting. You must ask for the sale. You must ask for the lead. They're not going to give it to you if you don't ask. This is a hard thing to do if you're not used to it, but believe me it makes all the difference in conversion and sales.

Good copywriting is the key to any successful marketing campaign. Your sales letters, articles, press releases, blog post any other kind of content you produce is going to be based on how effective your copy can persuade the reader.

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