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The definition of CPA is Cost Per Action, meaning you get paid for a prospect or client just filling in a form. This could be an email address and zip code, or sometimes longer forms which will require the same along with a first name, last name and phone number. There’s no actual sale that has to be made for you to get paid as a CPA marketer. The advertisers are paying you simply to get them qualified, targeted leads in their database.

You also have a CPS which is Cost Per Sale. This is typically what affiliate marketers use to generate income, but you have to actually get the prospect to go in their wallet, pull out a credit card and place an order so you make an affiliate commission.

What I like about CPA offers is that they don’t have to feel that there’s very much risk to go in their pocket and spend money. So the conversions in CPA marketing tend to be higher versus traditional affiliate marketing where you have CPS and the commissions are 1%-3%.

In order to participate in the market as a cost per action marketer, you’ll need to join a CPA network. A CPA network is a network that acts as a middleman between advertisers and publishers. They have a list of advertisers you can choose to represent.

From there, the cost per action network makes sure the advertisers get their leads and you get your CPA commissions. They do all of the paperwork and some networks offer some type of metrics that you can use to track your conversions.

Of course this is a lucrative business for the CPA networks as well because they make a small commission off of every lead that their advertisers get. So they have hundreds, even thousands of advertisers along with affiliates out there marketing these offers.

In order to join a CPA network you are required to fill out a form which consist of your website name, the amount of traffic you're presently generating, how you plan to drive traffic to their offers and how long you’ve had your website. So be ready to answer the questions on these forms with accurate information. If you get rejected by a CPA network (and this does happen often), don’t get discouraged. There are many networks for you to apply to so, typically, you will be accepted by some. If after you’ve been rejected by a network, picking up the phone and calling them will show them you are determined and they are more than likely to accept you after that.

Just as in traditional affiliate marketing CPS (cost per sale), you want to strike up a relationship with the affiliate manager that’s handling your account. They have great information on which offers are hot at that particular time and if you have a great relationship with that affiliate manager, then you have a better chance of succeeding because they can point you in the right direction.

The more money you make, the more money the network makes and more successful the affiliate manager will be. So it’s in their interest that you do well. Make sure you strike up a good relationship with the affiliate manager. When choosing the individual cost per action offers, make sure that there’s a high demand for that type of offer. Sometimes you’ll have offers that are related to a certain event or a holiday so those are easier to convert in the scheme of things.

For instance, if Halloween is approaching and you choose an offer related to Halloween, you’re likely to get better conversions. It would be the same thing with Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Tools that can help you find demand and trends would be Google Insights. You can put in a keyword and it will give you an indication of what the demand is for a particular offer based on the keyword. Another tool is Google Trends. Like Google Insights, you enter a keyword and it shows you what type of demand there is out there for a particular offer based on interest at that time and where it’s headed in the future.

EBay Pulse is another great tool. That will show you some of the best selling products on eBay, which gives you an indication as to what type of offer you would want to promote.

Cost per action offers are one of my personal favorites when it comes to making money online. It falls under advertising dollars. Again, you’re not in a position where you have to convince them to pull out their wallets and buy anything. The challenge lies in the traffic. The more targeted traffic you can drive to a specific offer, the better your conversions will be.

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