Craft Shows and Beauty Products

Craft Shows Provide an Important Community Link when Selling Beauty Products.

If there is any single industry that benefits from face-to-face sales at community minded events such as this type of show, it is the beauty business.

Selling handmade soaps, unique candles, organic skin care and fresh, locally made hair care products? This might be a great place to start.

Craft Shows Bring Local Support

In every instance, there is no single group of loyal consumers that will support your beauty business products more than your local community.

People love to support their own neighborhood, buy locally and purchase unique items. It makes us all feel good to support a community focused business owner.

The social aspect of a craft show also works in your favor. Community members come because they know each other, want to support someone who is a seller at the craft fair or they are coming out just to be neighborly.

Everyone that comes to a craft fair comes with money in their pocket and they want to buy something – beauty products such as soaps, as well as face, hand and body creams are all big sellers. And don’t forget about your candle makers and jewelry designers.

Craft Shows and Inventory

Still, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you sell out of every product that you bring with you… at every craft fair that you attend.

Bring lots of products – there is nothing worse than running out of a popular item half way through the day. Some might say this is a good thing and you can take orders.

This is true but why risk the possibility of someone changing his or her mind? You’ve got their attention NOW. So add a few extra pieces to your inventory or at least have someone available to bring them in within 15 to 20 minutes.

Price products sensibly – keep in mind that you are at a community craft fair and it is important to make sure your beauty wares are priced affordable.

It is far better to sell 200 bath bombs, reasonably priced at $3.00 than to sell 25 of the same bath bomb because it is priced for department store retail at $5.00.

Packaging is Essential - Products that are gift boxed, or packaged together in cheerful cellophane and bows are big hits at craft fairs. Fairs are often held before holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Mothers Day.

Homemade gifts are highly sought after and if you do all the work by putting together a great grouping of beauty products and gift-wrapping it – it’s a no-brainer that they will sell – and fast!

Promote your business – Have business cards and brochures out on your table so that browsers can order from home via your website.

Make sure you tell everyone that every product you offer is available on your beauty business website.

Another fun way to promote products is to use a digital photo frame – take pictures of your best selling products and have them run in a slide show on the digital picture frame.

Be friendly and approachable – It is a community event, so it is especially important to meet and mingle, be friendly and approachable to everyone you meet.

It is a lighthearted event, and a craft fair is not the place for high-pressure sales – save that tactic for another day.

For craft fairs, enjoy the camaraderie of being around your neighbors, mixing and mingling (and don’t forget to be a good neighbor and buy a thing or two from your fellow craft fair sellers).

Last but not least, craft fairs are cheap to book a table, sometimes even free. It is a great way to introduce your beauty business to your community and secure a few new long-term customers.

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