Diversify Your Online Traffic With These 8 Strategies

When marketing online, it’s important to diversify your online traffic. Search engine traffic is free and is a great source of traffic but you never want your traffic to your website to be dependent on only one source.

Google or the other search engines might decide to drop you in the rankings, which could stop your whole business in its tracks. So you must diversify the source of the traffic coming into your website.

Social Media

The first way to diversify your online traffic would be through social media. Social media is also a free way of getting traffic to your website. The most popular social media platforms now are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus One and LinkedIn. Twitter is more like a micro blogging platform but it’s still a great way of getting traffic to your website. So when they say social media traffic we’re mostly referring to Facebook.


You have to set up your Facebook account and you have to be active. You can’t just set up the account and not interact with the visitors to your social media page. So make sure you set up your account.

If you go to Facebook.com they’ll show you how to open up an account. You want to be able to give information to the visitor and interact with them and always leave a link to your website. That will help you increase your traffic.

Press Releases

We used a service called PR Web. If you decide to use PRWeb.com it will cost you around $299 to submit a press release.

But that will get you a lot of exposure on different websites. They’ll pick up your press release and you’ll have a link from those sites to your page.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are another way to diversify your online traffic. If you can find other people in your niche that are not necessarily direct competitors with you, but have a relevant product or service to offer that would meet the needs or challenges of your subscribers, you could do a partnership and they could promote you to their list or vice versa. You could promote your product or service to their list, through a teleseminar or webinar. This would enable their subscribers to have access to you and that would increase your website traffic.

Pay Per Click

Google Adwords is the most popular pay per click search engine out there and controls most of the pay per click traffic.

Go to Google Adwords home page and it will explain to you how to sign up. Pay per click can be very tricky.

You want to start off very slow and start with the tutorials. Start off with a very small campaign there. It’s an excellent way of getting traffic without being overly dependant on the search engines. This is an excellent way to diversify your online traffic

Groups and Forums

You go into Yahoo, Facebook and Google groups that are relevant to your niche. Go in and create a presence for yourself there.

Get involved in the conversations and add value. Give solutions to problems that some of the participants are having.

Keep them informed on certain news or trends within the niche. And pretty soon you can have a following. Always leave a link to your website when you make contributions to the forum.

Don’t go in trying to hard sell. Come in with good solid value and try to help solve challenges that the participants are having. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another way to diversify your online traffic. You contact another person with a blog or website that has great content that’s relevant to your visitors, customers and clients.

You approach that blogger and let them know that you have a quality article relevant to their visitors that you would like to have published on their blog or website.

You want to make sure that the blog or website you approach has a PR (page rank) of 3 and above and has great quality content.

You don’t want to approach a Webmaster or blogger with a website that has very little or low quality content. So make sure it’s a quality site and you can get your content published there. Of course leaving a couple of links to your homepage and maybe another 1 or 2 interior pages is a plus.

E-zine Advertising

There are a lot of quality e-zines on the Internet where you can approach the owner for advertising space. If you can get into an e-zine that’s really targeted to your market or niche, that will also increase traffic to your website.

You can use the directory of e-zines which is an excellent resource. So make sure you have an ad crafted with a great headline and that way you can get targeted traffic to your website.

If you put these 7 strategies together and find out which one works better for you, you can diversify your traffic sources and not be overly dependant on search engine traffic.

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