The 3 Top Advantages Of Drop Shipping For Your Online Business

Drop shipping your products for your online business is a great way to save time and money. Your primary job is to just fill orders. If you've started an online business that's not affiliate based, chances are you're dealing with a lot of inventory.

Inventory (and overhead) can eat into a business's profit tremendously. The point of being in business for yourself, being an entrepreneur and running your own company is to free yourself from the task of a "job".

You're supposed to work on your business, not in your business. This is where the advantage of this business model comes in. Here are the top 3 advantages of drop shipping that will help your online business and save you time and overhead. The shipping is done for you. When you partner with a wholesale company, it's your responsibility to get orders and that's it. You are not responsible for inventory, shipping or distribution. When an order is made through your site, the company receives the order, handles the shipping and you are paid a fee. This works really well if your business model is online retail.

When the wholesaler ships the merchandise to the customer directly, You, the retailer, keep the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. This completely frees you up to focus on the marketing and promotion of your site. The more you market and promote, the sales you make and the more profit you'll receive from those sales.

No Buying In Bulk. Usually when you go into business, you're required to pay upfront for and buy a bulk amount of products before you've even made your first sale. With this method, it's just the opposite. When you've found a product that you'd like to sell, you put it on your site and direct traffic to that page.

Now remember, you haven't purchased any thing from the wholesaler. All you've done is taken an order. It's the drop shipper who's job is to deliver the product to the customer.

No Storage Space Is Required. This business model allows you to sell merchandise in large quantities without requiring a single foot of storage space. We've owned brick and mortar stores before and most of the space that we needed was for storage and warehousing. This is a non-factor when dealing with this business model.

Again, it's your job to market and promote the product and nothing more. The wholesaler takes care of the rest. You're saving thousands in shipping and storage cost when you do it this way. A typical warehouse space can eat into your profit margin and in most cases result in a loss.

Drop shipping is a great way of doing business for many sellers especially if you're just starting out. You'll have more free time to work on your business, more free time to enjoy your family and more free time to expand.

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