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In order to achieve e-commerce website optimization for your site for lead generation and sales, there’s only one proper way to do so. Regardless of all the shiny new objects that you might receive in your email about some new strategy or program promised to get you results overnight, there’s only one method that will continue to get you optimized results over and over again.

And that is to track, analyze and test all of your metrics of your site design, offers, traffic sources and converting keywords.

All of those have to be tracked in a disciplined and systemized way. That way you make constant improvement in those areas.

You want to have in place, the plan and strategy to find where your market hangs out online. Where do they hang out? What language do they speak? You want to make sure you find out what forums and groups they hang out in.

What social media sites are they on? You have to make sure the people you're trying to reach are even searching online for the products or services that you want to offer.

Once you find out they're online searching for a solution to certain problems your product can solve, make sure you know where to find them online and how to reach them.

The Content Experiment tool will enable you to show different versions of your pages to different visitors and that way you can determine which pages are getting you the most desired results that you want.

Google states that if you’d like some professional assistance designing, implementing and testing the results of a test, you can go to a Google Analytics partner page, select website optimizer from the specialization menu and from there you can get assistance.

August 1st will be the last time for those who’ve had experience using Google Website Optimizer. You have to have an ongoing discipline for doing your tracking analyzing and testing.

Several years ago, you could ignore your detailed daily metrics and still succeed online. But today it’s hard to win and nearly impossible to dominate a niche without consistently analyzing your results and constantly optimizing your marketing efforts.

Sometimes you’ll find it can be something as small as changing one word in a headline that can have a tremendous impact on the results you get. Sometimes you can’t determine exactly why these changes increase or decrease your results.

That’s not really your concern; you just want to look at the math and numbers with your efforts. Don’t consume yourself with why the customers respond the way they do. You, as a Webmaster, just want to be interested in the bottom line when it comes to e-commerce website optimization.

Never let your personal preferences get in the way. Finally, make sure you don’t get distracted with all of these new shiny objects. Make sure you stick to those basics and that way you’ll get the results that you want.

So try to ignore, if you can, all of these push button quick solutions to making money online. There is no get rich quick product out there or strategy out there for proper e-commerce website optimization. Everything you do online requires discipline, focus and hard work.

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