E-commerce Websites - Are They Right Way For Your Online Business?

E-commerce websites are one of the most effective and least expensive ways to earn money online. When we first started our beauty business from home, we went through three different web masters and built three different websites.

However, the web masters who built the site's did not specialize in building E-commerce sites. They didn't know anything about how to help us with building a profitable site and it cost us a lot of valuable time and money.

But you know something? Neither did we. As a family working from home, there's so much to get done that you have a tendency to rely on "professionals" to do their job. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! They can do their job as long as You know what the job should entail. This presented us with problems of low sales conversion. Our website wasn't even found in the top 20 pages of Google.

So as you look for a web designer, make sure you find a webmaster who understands and specializes in E-commerce websites. Here are several things that you need to be aware of while your site is being built:

-Have a Safe transaction logo such as Better Business Bureau, Hacker Safe or Verisign. When people visit your site, they need to know that your business is one of integrity and they're dealing with a company who has their best interest in mind.

-Color, the layout design of the website for usability and navigation are just as crucial as the headlines. A visitor should never feel lost on your site. They should never have to guess what to do next. They should feel comfortable and be in no hurry to leave.

-Attention has to be given to the way all of the product pages are linked together and how the product pages are linked to the homepage. The linking process between the appropriate pages has to make sense.

You'd never find mayonnaise next to the ice cream in the grocery store, would you? So you should map out your pages to compliment each other.

-You will need meta-tags and a meta description that will describe what your site is about. This is how the spiders will know what to classify your site as. This is also how people will know what your site is about when it shows up in the search engine results page. -Outsourcing. Outsourcing is what sets you apart from people who work in their business and people who work on their business. Your in E-commerce to make money and have more free time to enjoy your life.

If you don't master the concept of handing off difficult tasks (or task that would be better suited for someone else with more experience than you to handle) to a professional, your business will turn into a full time job.

-PPC (Pay Per Click)- Pay per click, or paid advertising, is getting traffic that's paid for. Google Adwords is at the forefront of this service. You're basically paying for visibility in the search engines.

-SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- This is what gives you staying power in the search engines. Optimizing your site in the search engines through backlinks and fresh original daily content is how you accomplish this task.

-Add Articles- This is the fresh, original daily content to your E-commerce website. You must train the search engine spiders to come to our site daily for content. This is how you move up in the ranking, especially with an E-commerce site. The pages are static and not dynamic.

-Support your E-commerce website with a blog- Get your visitors in the habit of coming to your blog for updates, information, advice and anything else you'd like to provide them with. Make yourself their go-to person.

-Press Releases- Doing a press release at least once a month will drive massive traffic to your website as well as grow your backlinks.

Do some online research, acquire books, study and learn what you need in order to have a well drawn out website.

Marketing your business with E-commerce websites is not as simple as it appears, but it's not rocket science either. Educate yourself! This allows you to be independent and gives you the ability to feel great about what you've accomplished.

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