E-Commerce After Panda

E-commerce after Panda, what does that mean for your website?

What is Panda? The news has been all over the Internet about the Panda update. Most marketers and website owners understand that Panda is an algorithm update by Google in order to get rid of content that has no value to the user.

You want to have in place, the plan and strategy to find where your market hangs out online. Where do they hang out? What language do they speak? You want to make sure you find out what forums and groups they hang out in.

What social media sites are they on? You have to make sure the people you're trying to reach are even searching online for the products or services that you want to offer.

Once you find out they're online searching for a solution to certain problems your product can solve, make sure you know where to find them online and how to reach them.

If you do decide to add a free report, make sure you give value to that free report. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean the customer will perceive it as having real value.

So if it’s valued at $37 or $57, make sure you let them know that they’re getting this free report along with the purchase of the product, but the free report is valued at whatever amount of dollars you decide it’s worth.

Also, you can add testimonials to your product page. You don’t want to over do it, but one or two testimonials along with some good content can also add value to the product description and could encourage them to move forward with purchasing the product as well.

You’re Not The Only One Selling Your Product

The main thing you want to be aware of with your e-commerce site is that there are many websites out there selling the same product if you’re a reseller, if you’re buying from a manufacturer or a wholesaler.

So you definitely want to be creative and think of different ways to make your product descriptions stand out from the crowd.

Google’s panda update will be looking to eliminate Duplicate content. You definitely don’t want to get caught up and take a chance on loosing traffic.

Your pages won’t get ranked in the search engine’s results because they’re not going to rank those duplicate pages.

If you found that you lost traffic after the Panda update, if you go back and audit your site’s pages, over time you can recapture that traffic that you lost.

Just make sure that you’re thorough and pay attention to the things I mentioned above, try to implement them, be patient and you can see yourself go back up in the rankings.

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