Effective Online Marketing

What Does It Entail?

Effective Online Marketing entails using tracking and testing tools so you know at all times what’s going on with your marketing campaigns. In order to market effectively online, you need to track the traffic sources, where your traffic is coming from, find out what keywords are bringing you traffic and watch your social media activity.

You want to have in place, the plan and strategy to find where your market hangs out online. Where do they hang out? What language do they speak? You want to make sure you find out what forums and groups they hang out in.

What social media sites are they on? You have to make sure the people you're trying to reach are even searching online for the products or services that you want to offer.

Once you find out they're online searching for a solution to certain problems your product can solve, make sure you know where to find them online and how to reach them.

Search Engine Traffic and Effective Online Marketing

In effective online marketing, you want to watch your rankings in the search engines, especially Google.

Search engine traffic is some of the best traffic you can have. It’s one of highest forms of converting traffic for most online marketers.

In our business, Google sends us the most traffic and we get the most sales from there as well.

So track your rankings and make sure you stay up on how many pages you have ranking in the search engines and in what position they’re ranking on.

After the Panda and Penguin updates with Google, marketing your website has become the best SEO tactic. When you market and promote your website effectively, you draw a lot of inbound links, especially when you have quality content on your website.

When people like your content, they link to you and it increases the number of inbound links to your pages, which gives you a higher search engine ranking.

One thing you want to keep in mind is you don’t want to use just One marketing strategy. You’ll want to use multiple ways of bringing prospects into your funnel.

Video marketing, podcasts, special reports, press releases, info graphics…etc, all of these help to bring traffic to your web pages that you can later convert into paying customers.


Because we’re talking about effective online marketing, don’t forget to supplement your online marketing with offline marketing.

Strategies such as print ads, direct mail and, if your niche calls for it, tradeshows, business cards, flyers and television commercials.

When you use these different marketing channels (online or offline), make sure you learn the proper way to use these channels.

Learn how to write an attention grabbing headline and target your market. Know where your niche market is hanging out online places such as forums, groups…etc.

You don’t have to be a master of each marketing channel or strategy, but you need to know enough so that you can get the optimal results from them.

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