Email Marketing Strategies To Bring You Massive Opt-Ins

With email marketing, the most important thing about your email list to remember is that you want only targeted prospects on your list. Those who have “raised their hand” and showed you that they’re interested in your product or service.

They have a single opt-in where the prospect only has to enter their name and email address one time (that’s called single opt-in). I would recommend a double opt-in, which is when they sign their name and email, then get a second email asking them to confirm their subscription.

Some prospects will come to your website or your squeeze page and make a purchase right away. But most of the time they have to have some kind of contact with your content several times (at least a minimum of 7) before they feel comfortable making a purchase from you. This is a natural process in email marketing.

Building an email list allows you to build relationships, trust and credibility with your subscribers. It is said by many marketers that prospects buy from people that they know, like and trust. An email list helps you to build this relationship.

You can start this relationship and credibility by giving away something free but of value to your prospect in exchange for their email address and first name. The less information you ask for, the higher the-opt in rate. Most prospects have a fear of making a purchase online, especially with a stranger. The email list allows most people to overcome that initial fear they may have.

Once the prospect does the double opt-in to your email list, you want to give them continuous high quality content that they will find useful, as far as overcoming any challenges, problems or reaching a goal. You don’t want to email them too frequently.

I would suggest a minimum of once a week. You also don’t want to make your list an offer every time you send them an email. You want to find a balance of sending them useful content and then sending them an offer. You have to experiment and test your own list because everybody’s niche responds differently. Email marketing is all about testing.

With some niches, you’ll be ok making an offer once every 2 weeks. For other niches, offers every 2 weeks might be offensive. There’s no set balance or number as to how many times or how often you should send an offer. This is something that you have to test.

It has been said frequently with email marketing that the money is in the list and this is true. You want to make sure when you make an offer that’s it’s something that they really want. You can write the best copy and give them the best guarantee in your promotion, but if it’s something they don’t really want, they still won’t purchase and your conversions will be very low. So surveying your list, asking them what they really want from you and how they want it, will help with your promotions.

If you handle your email list and communicate to them properly, you can have conversions as high as 10%. Whereas on the front end, where you first make an offer and people land on your website, the conversions are usually between 1 and 3%. Most marketers, when they handle the email list and build a strong relationship, they find that when they make a promotion the conversion rates can go up between 5 and 10%.

Another important statistic in email marketing that you want to be sure to track is the open rate (the amount of people that open your emails). You also want to track the click thru rate.

When you send out an email message and you have a clickable link, you want to track how many people actually click that link to either go to your website for further information or to go to a sales page where you’re actually making an offer to them.

Besides your website and/or blog I would suggest that you develop a squeeze page. A squeeze page is simply a web page that’s designed to do one thing, and that’s to get the opt-in. You want to have just enough information there to wet their appetite and ask them for their email address and first name. You don’t want to have any other options on that page that would distract them from giving you their information.

What we’ve found in our experience is that using video will make the opt-in rate go up higher. Also, when you’re making an offer, add some kind of value to that offer. If it’s a free report or an e-book, make sure you place a dollar value to it.

When building a list, we’ve found that Aweber is one of the best services on the Internet. There are many others but we’ve found that we’ve had the most success with that particular service.

In conclusion, always remember that the most important thing is the relationship you build with your list, which can take time. If you’re consistent in sending out information to them that's useful and of quality, you Will find that you can make sales, but it’s just a matter of patience.

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