Celebrate Your First Earned Dollar in Your Beauty Business

I remember the first earned dollar we made with our beauty business. I'd made a batch of bath salts and found some pretty jars online to package them in. My labels were made of card stock paper and tied around the neck of the bottle with different color ribbons to represent the different scents.

I was selling lingerie at the time and it was around Valentine's Day and a friend who often called me the scent queen asked me to put together something special for his wife.

Earning Your First Dollar by Knowing Your Market

I knew her personally and knew her size and what she liked in scents but I'd never asked either of them to buy my products. I filled his request and when he picked it up he was with another male friend who saw it and liked it. He asked me if I'd prepare a gift similar to the one our friend had picked up for his wife.

Of course I did. My first earned dollar turned out to be $250 and that's because lingerie was added to the mix. It was a creative move on my part because I knew that their wives liked my lingerie and the bath salts along with a body wash (hand made label) and a non-traditional container were the key.

Each of them had to pay me $125 for the contents and my creativity. These were special containers and time and energy went into the creation of the gift.

Did I celebrate? You bet I did. I knew then that I could sell beauty products. We've discontinued the lingerie because I learned that I had a passion for beauty products. Following Your Passion and Earning Your First Dollar

Skin care has become my focus and love. Because of this, I enrolled in an Aesthetics Program and became a board certified Esthetician. This gave me a much deeper understanding of skin, my clients and prospects and exactly how to help them solve their problems and challenges.

One of my mentors once said that if you can earn $1 you can certainly scale it up to earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars or more.

How do you do that? By becoming an Expert in your field and becoming a student of marketing. As I’ve stated before, you’re in the business of marketing products. The more you learn about marketing, the more money you will make.

So when you make your first dollar, jump for joy. This will be the beginning of learning how to scale your business to the point of making thousands, even millions. Estee Lauder did!!

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