Forums And Groups - How To Use Them Online For Market Research

Market Research with Forums and Groups

They're the best way for you to listen in on your market to find out what their needs, frustrations, challenges and desires are.

Keyword research tools can give you an idea of the search demand of a particular niche or market. But the keyword tools can’t tell you exactly what your market is thinking and what keeps them awake at night.

Online forums and groups can help you with the creation of content that would be targeted towards your prospects or clients. It helps you to understand the language they’re using.

Every niche or market has its nuances in the language of that particular niche. So listening in and participating in the forums and groups in your niche will help you understand the language they’re using to describe their problems and challenges.

In order to find the forums or groups that your niche participates in, you can do a Google search and put in your keyword plus forums in the search box and that will bring up the forums that your market participates in.

You can do the same thing with groups. You put in your keyword in the search box plus groups and that will bring up certain groups that your market participates in. An example would look something like: cosmetics + forums/cosmetics + groups

Where Can You Find Groups For Market Research?

When it comes to groups, one of the most popular ones is Yahoo groups. You can go to Yahoo, search their groups and you’ll find that they have many different niches there and if you find a group in your niche I would suggest joining.

The same applies to Google. They have a number of groups in many different niches that you can participate in to gain insight.

Facebook has many different groups that you can target. LinkedIn has a great number of groups that you can also listen in on.

If you pay close attention to the conversation going on within a forum or group you will have a better idea as to how to convert those prospects or clients into sales.

Why? Because you’ll know exactly what’s going on in their minds and what type of solutions they’re looking for. It will also help you build better relationships in your market.

When you speak their language and you really understand what’s going on in their minds, you’ll be able to build relationships with them easier.

The conversations in these environments will help you keep an eye on trends. You’ll be able to find out what trends are going on in your market and what trends are starting.

In addition to that, you’ll get ideas for product creation, especially for information products. If you understand their challenges and their problems you can come up with the information product to solve those problems.

If you’re selling a physical product as well, you’ll be able to have a better idea of what physical product to sell to your niche.

How Many Forums/Groups Should You Join For Market Research?

I would recommend not just joining one forum or group, join at least 3 different forums or groups within a niche. This will allow you to discover certain patterns going on in each forum.

It’ll give you a better idea of what your market is really looking for.

Pay attention to the questions that are being asked as well as the answers to those questions. Be sure to keep a note pad handy while you’re doing your research, this will allow you to make notes of the important points being made.

You’ll be able to keep up on the questions being asked and the answers to those questions and the most important challenges and problems within your niche.

You’ll find that the research and information you get out of the forums and groups will be invaluable to growing your business.

This is just the beginning. We’ll cover survey’s next time.

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