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Google Adsense is Google’s advertising program which allows you to put targeted ads on your website as an Adsense publisher and you receive a percentage of the profits every time someone clicks on one of those ads.

It’s a part of the Google Adwords program where people who are paying as advertisers to have their ads placed on what they call the content network. Google’s content partner’s number in the thousands maybe even millions of websites.These websites host Google Adwords ads on their particular pages whether it be a blog or static website or even on forum pages.

Now the only time you make revenue is when someone clicks on one of the ads, not when the ad is shown. Your visitors can view the ad as many times as they want. But you only get paid when someone actually clicks on one of the ads.

As we soon found out, there’s a lot more to it than just allowing Google Adsense to show the ads on your website. There’s testing that has to be done, different ad size formats work better on different pages.

You have to be aware of the color, text and background of your ads. Sometimes it works better when the ad blends in with the content on your page and other times it can work better when the ad stands out from the content. This is where testing and tracking comes in.

Google Adsense allows you to filter out ads that might be shown on your pages by direct competitors of yours. If you don’t want your competitors ads to show up on your pages, you have the ability to filter those out.

In our experience we had direct competitors ads showing up on our pages but it was making us more revenue. We filtered out the direct competitors ads and our Adsense revenues went down.

So once we lifted the filters and allowed those competitors ads to show, our revenue went back up to where it previously was. That decision is primarily up to you. If you feel that it’s taking away from the sales that you may be making on your website by having them leave your page and go to a competitor’s website, then you may want to filter them out anyway. It’s something that you have to test because every one’s site is different.

There are 2 main metrics that you want to monitor.

The first is your click through rate (CTR). It varies in different niches, 1-3% or 3-5%. Some people are getting rates of 5% and above and making a great income from Adsense. Others get there click through rate from 3-5% and still make a substantial income stream.

The difference is the 2nd metric, which is the amount of targeted traffic to your Adsense pages. You can have a large amount of traffic to a 1-2% CTR pages and still make a substantial amount of money. However, you can have a high CTR of 4-5% and have very little traffic and you still won’t make a decent income. CTR+Traffic =Good Revenue.

The Cost Per Click (CPC) is another important metric and that deals with how much you get paid every time someone clicks on one of your ads. That’s going to vary between different niches. Some niches pay much higher such as technology, news and travel. They have a high CPC so Adwords advertisers are bidding those keywords up to $8 or $10 so you make a much greater amount of money in those niches when those ads are served.

You can go into the Google Adsense home page and look for Adsense Help. They have great tutorials in getting you started and helping you optimize your Adsense revenue. I recommend you go there and learn these lessons because it’s a win-win situation with Google. They want you to be successful because the more Adsense revenue you generate for yourself, the more revenue you’re generating for them.

It feels really good when you get those Adsense checks in the mail or via direct deposit. Always remember to keep on testing and experimenting trying to optimize the revenue that you get from Adsense.

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