Google Adwords Advertising For Your Online Business

We previously discussed pay per click marketing. Google adwords advertising is at the forefront of PPC because nowhere else on the web are you going to get placed in front of more people than on the Google SERP. With PPC you don't have to wait for traffic like you would with SEO. Here are a few strategies for Google adwords advertising.


Outside of maybe one other major search engine (Yahoo) and a social media platform (Facebook), Google is it! It's the main hub of search engine activity and therefore it's the place you're going to want to be seen the most. So as far as PPC, it's where you stand to get the most clicks.

Clicks are everything on the web. It's the equivalent of someone walking into your "brick and mortar" establishment. You need foot traffic in the real world and you need foot traffic (clicks) online. The more, the better. If you had a designer shoe store, which location would you want to have? A quiet suburban street or Times Square? It's important, however, not to let the traffic bounce right out of your site as soon as it gets there. A good headline, great copy and a quality good or service is still very much necessary. Once you get clicks to your site, your conversion will be the next big step into closing a sale or growing your mailing list (or both).

Split Test

Another strategy is split testing. Split testing is running 2 ads together. You put them online at the same time and see which one performs the best. By perform I mean conversion. Whichever one converts better, leave it be for a while and work on the other one. Use that as an opportunity to work on your copy. Remember, It's all about Testing.


I mentioned conversion before and that is the next strategy. Your conversion rate is the percentage of the visitors to your site that you convert to customers. You want to know what the cost of conversion is. This is important because you need to know how much money you need to spend on your Adwords campaign to convert each visitor to a paying customer.

The Link Promise

Another strategy to keep in mind is how well your ad coincides with your landing page. Make sure your ads are closely related to the copy on your landing page so the visitor clicking through the ad will be interested in your offer.

One common mistake you see is an attractive ad with a landing page that has no relation to the ad copy. If your ad does not match the words on the landing page, the visitor will probably click away immediately because what you're offering is irrelevant to what you promised on your ad (this is also called a 'link promise').

When that happens, your conversion rate will sink and your campaign cost will rise and that's what we DON'T want.

These are just a few strategies to keep in mind when you use Google adwords advertising for your business. These strategies apply to your business whether it's online or offline. It's all about traffic, conversion and sales.

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