Headlines - A Great Way To Optimize Your Articles

Headlines of an article should be created as a keyword phrase using as few junk words as possible.

A junk word is a word that gets in the way of the article message and dilutes the relevancy of the message. A few examples of these junk words are: the, and, if, at, about, & of.

If someone is searching for the phrase "Corn Commodities" an article or page that has been optimized for that exact phrase will gain higher ranking in the search engines than “Coy About Corn Commodities” because the words "Coy About" are getting in the way and diluting the exact search term "Corn Commodities". This is very important to you – or should be – because the higher up you are in search engine rankings, the more likely it is that people will visit your website.

Approximately five times as many people read the title than read the body of an article.

The trick in online marketing is getting the other four fifths of people to read the rest of your article or webpage, by creating a very persuasive title. So how do you do that? Here are some templates you can use to create a compelling title which will have people eager to read on and find out more of what you have to say:

Put quotes (“ ”) around your headline. People will then view your article or webpage as something important that has been said by a reputable source.

Don’t use ALL CAPITAL Letters. It makes the words more difficult to read. Use Title Case, which capitalizes the first letter of every word, even the minor ones.

Be truthful and don’t over-hype in your article or webpage. Sensationalism just makes people not trust you.

Don’t substitute a logo for a title. They are not the same thing and the logo will mean very little to people in comparison to an informative subject line.

Test out your subject lines in split tests. Use different subject lines on the same content for your split tests and you will soon see how important they are in terms of traffic and conversion.

So, let’s now look at some templates for effective headlines that you can adapt for your own purposes:

Top Ten…

Top Ten… And What To do About It

“A Simple Cure For…”

“How I _____ And How You Could Too”

“How Doing These (Number) Simple Things Can Transform You Into A…”

“How To _____ & Why It Works”

(Number) Secrets Of ______

“How _______ Will Get You _____ Time and Time Again”

“What Your _______ Isn’t Telling You About _______ That Could _____”

“______ Advice From The Pros”

By using the above advice and inserting your own relevant and specific information into these templates, this should give you compelling subject lines which make people want to read on, trusting you to tell them more.

It should also help to build trust so that your titles on articles and web pages lead to more conversions.

This might seem a bit overwhelming to you right now. If so, store it in your mental data base because you're certainly going to need it.

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