Increase Website Sales By Testing These 9 Elements

Want to increase website sales? By testing these 9 elements, you’ll get a good idea of what’s working and what isn’t.

Increase Sales With Your Headline

The headline is the first thing people usually see when they get to your website.

The headline should grab their attention and offer a benefit, but you want to make sure that you’re constantly testing the headline to see if you can get a better response from your visitors.

Can Bullets Help Increase Website Sales?

Bullets are important because they should also contain benefits. People scan rather than read every word online, therefore the bullets are important because it will engage them and hold their attention to read the rest of your copy.

Use Sub-Headlines To Increase Your Website Sales

It’s important to use sub headlines because they also grab the attention of the reader or visitor.

They should contain benefits or state that you have solutions to the problem that the visitor is trying to solve.

Increase Website sales With Your Page Layout

You may want to move certain elements around on the page. Move copy, images to different positions on the page, look at the color scheme on the page (fonts, background), all of these things can help the engagement of the reader and even help with conversion.

So you want to constantly test the layout of the page so you can optimize that as well.

Images Can Be Your Tool for Increasing Website Sales

You want to test different sizes of the images and if you’re selling a physical product you may want to shoot the product from different angles, shoot them in different lighting and that can also affect your sales conversion.

Constantly check and test the different images to see which ones will bring you the best sales.

Use Buttons For Increasing Website Sales

The buttons on your site are important as well. The different sizes, text underneath your buttons (or on your buttons), color, location.

By buttons, I’m referring to the actual place you click to purchase or order a product. The order button is sometimes to the left or right of the product/order page.

Video Increases Website Sales

Video has been tested by many marketers and has been shown to increase sales conversion as well as increase opt-in to a subscriber list and many marketers have said that videos have increased the size of the order per visitor/customer.

So if you want to try video and test it on your homepage as well as your product page and see where it works best for you.

Adding Keywords To Your Product Description Will Increase Website Sales

With each product description that you write, it could make or break your sale. So if you want to test your copy, write about the product you’ll be selling.

When you describe what you’re offering, make sure that you use the keywords that you’re wanting to optimize your site for.

Your product description acts as content on your website, just as an article does.

By Giving Customers What They Ask For, The Offer Will Increase Website Sales

Lastly you want to test the actual offer itself. You want to make sure that you try to offer at different price points, packaged a different way, delivered a different way until you can find what they call a “sweet spot” with your offer.

Depending on the way the offer is packaged and in what format you’re offering the product can make a big difference in your sales conversion.

Make sure you test your offers frequently to try to optimize your sales conversion.


If you test these elements with consistency and you just make some improvements in a few of these different elements you can double your conversion and your bottom line.

So don’t take testing lightly. It’s a very important strategy for online sales to be successful in selling online. So make sure you put this into practice on your website and in your business.

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