Keyword Research - The Importance of Choosing Them In Your Niche

When we first started our business we had no clue about keywords or keyword research. I was told to write articles but what I wasn't told was that I needed to have keywords in my headlines and content of the articles.

You see, keywords are those words that are recognized in a given niche. You have buying keyword phrases and general keyword phrases. In order to find the proper keywords that are searched for in your niche market, you need to use the Google keyword tool. The Google keyword tool is a good place to start your keyword research.

In addition, Wordtracker has a good keyword tool as well. You have the option of using the paid service or the free service. The URL for each is:

Paid service

Free service

In your social media marketing, the content that you write should have keywords used in the headline and the body. Also, if you plan on using podcast and/or video, keywords should be used in the title of the video and the title of the podcast. Keywords should also be used in the description of both. Always look for keywords that are searched for in a high demand. Sometimes these keywords will be very competitive. You'll find that there are a lot of marketers trying to compete for the first page of the search engines using these keywords. However, if you are diligent about studying how to market your website, it may take you a little longer to rank for these keywords. But the payoff will be lucrative.

If you only plan to market your website part time (i.e. 2 hours a week), then you might be better off choosing less competitive keywords which won't require you as much work to ranked high in the search engines. But the potential income with these particular words won't be as great. You'll find that most of your traffic will be found in the "long tail" keywords, which are keywords that contain 3 or more words in the phrase.

Google has stated that half of the searches done daily are keywords that have never been searched before. There are over 400 million queries a day.

Buying keyword phrases are those keywords that are used by searchers when they are closer to making a buying decision. For example, a 2005-black BMW-X5. This is the type of keyword phrase that a buyer would use to search for this product.

They are very specific about what they are looking for, where as if they'd just typed in BMW, that is a general keyword.

It was so intimidating because when someone talks to you about keywords or keyword phrases, they are really talking about SEO. They use the term SEO without defining it. If they tell you that you need keywords or keyword phrases, it's much easier to grasp. It's not as hard as it sounds.

But before you write or outsource your work, get a full understanding of how keyword research works.

Without using keywords or keyword phrases that are specific to your niche, you won't stand a chance of ever being ranked in any of the search engines.

Keyword Research

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