List Building For Your Beauty Business

If internet marketing is a house, list building is one of the pillars. I once heard a great marketing guru say, "You can take my house. You can take my car. You can even take my clothes and all of my money that I have now. But as long as I have my list, I'll have everything you took from me and more in 3 months time."

What makes this technique so powerful is that you're setting yourself up for the long term. Long term relationships and long term profit potential.

There used to be a time when you would "cold call" a lead and you had one chance to introduce yourself, make your pitch and close a sale before the lead would hang up in your face.

Not anymore. List building has completely revolutionized the way we get in contact with prospects and stay in contact with them. Tools to utilize list building are:

The Squeeze Page- The squeeze page is a page who's soul purpose is to get information from whoever lands there. This could be email, zip code, first name, last name or phone number.

Auto Responder- Once a prospect lands on your squeeze page and enters their information, that information is put into an auto responder. This is the tool that allows you to communicate with them as much and as often as you like.

Your success will depend on your email marketing strategy you have in place once you capture the prospects information so make sure it's a good one.

Once a prospect has joined your list, it's your job to establish a relationship and build trust. It's the only way you can convert prospects into customers at a high rate. A lot of people make the mistake of going too fast with this process.

Someone joins their mailing list and the first message that person gets is a sales pitch. While this might work every once in a blue moon, building a relationship first is a sure fire way to make a sale, another sale and another sale from that one lead.

You have to remember that building a list is about the long term. It's very tempting to want to pitch someone as soon as they join your list, but you'll be sabotaging your long term earning potential if you do.

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