Market Products Online – An Effective Way To Get Your Business In High Gear

Once you begin to learn how to market products online, it can seem like an overwhelming task.

I remember attending a workshop the first time I was introduced to any form of Internet marketing and there was a speaker there, an online marketer, who specialized in teleseminars.

Learn How to Market Products Online Using the Ask Database

 He did a demonstration right there in the workshop and they set up an online survey using what they call the Ask Database.

 It’s a process in which you create a page and then you ask people on your subscriber list a question.  It’s important that the question asked has some relevance to their interest. 

 Or you can set up a pay-per-click campaign and direct people to this page where you have them click to the survey page and you just ask them a question.

 An example might be: what is the most important thing they’d like to know about copywriting? And then you would have maybe 4 or 5 different answers.

Once they hit the radio button and submit their answers, the ask database accumulates all of that information and almost instantly you begin to see the results of your survey.

You can let the survey run for hours or days. The point is, I was so confused by that process which now seems so simple to me, that I actually got up out of my seat and walked up to the stage and asked the presenter can anyone learn this stuff.

That’s how lost I was at the time.

The results of the survey, which took about an hour, resulted in several thousand responses. His advice to me was to take my time and to constantly review the information. After a while it all started becoming clear.

I’m saying all of this because as you begin to learn how to market products online, you won’t get discouraged.

Even now, there are a lot more platforms out there. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube weren’t big at that time.

So every few months, there’s something new coming out. Some new strategy, or channel that you can learn to market products online from.

So take your time, be consistent, don’t get frustrated and definitely review. What I found is that by going back and reviewing some of the old material 2 or 3 times, it starts to really sink in.

Repetition and review really help you to retain this online marketing.

Talking With Mentors and Learning How they Market Products Online

I asked another mentor we were working with, how he started?  He said he started by first learning search engine optimization.

His key?  He would get up and implement what he learned immediately. That’s definitely a good strategy for learning quick.

Even if you don’t get it right on your first try, it’s still a really good method to get up and take action right away.

The same mentor told me that it took him about 3 years to really get his head around SEO and link building to really understand how the search engines work.

Learn How To Market Products Online from Other Resources

Reverse engineer and look at other websites and blogs.  As you learn how to write copy, headlines and bullets and how to do a page layout, go visit other websites and blogs and look at some of their tactics and strategies.   

You don’t have to do everything verbatim, use them as a template and structure what you learn to fit your market.

Even when you reach the point of outsourcing the workflow …  having articles written for you, special reports written for you, etc … even before you outsource that work, it’s good to know something about what needs to be done for your business.

You don’t have to become a complete master at everything, but you need to know enough about it so when you outsource it, you’ll know that the outsourcers are doing their job properly.

You also have forums you can go into to ask questions about learning how to market products online.

So take advantage of that opportunity to get the knowledge from those outlets. Make sure that whenever you learn something, you implement fast and take action.

Remember …

Money likes speed!  The quicker you implement the sooner you see money.

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