How To Write a Market Research Proposal for Your Beauty Business - A Guest Post

Writing a market research proposal for your beauty business can be priceless. You could be attempting to woo a new client.

You may be creating a presentation for financing. You may even be drafting it as an assignment for school.

Regardless of the reason for creating the proposal, there are certain elements that need to be included in every proposal for your beauty business.

Drafting a market research proposal is not a simple task. It can be easier on you if you have an idea of what sort of things need to be included in this document.

The particular structure of this proposal aside, there are certain things that should be incorporated in any winning marketing research proposal.


In order to write a good proposal for your beauty business, you need to understand why the research is necessary. Your market research proposal should explain this. The Executive Summary or Abstract at the beginning of the proposal needs to outline the goals of the research and why it is so vital.


Your market research proposal should explain what information needs to be obtained in order to reach your objectives. For example, if the proposed research for your company, aims to discover what the next new skin care product should be, information on people’s skin challenges and concerns should probably be explored.


A marketing research proposal needs to outline the full plan. This includes a detailed explanation of how the information will be gathered. Qualitative and quantitative methods should be explored, if applicable.

The proposal for your beauty business needs to describe what measuring tools will be used, what the sample sizes will be, and all other pertinent information.


Without explaining the cost, it is impossible for someone to approve a marketing research proposal. Cost is one of the biggest factors considered when a plan is being chosen. For every recommendation and action included in the proposal, the cost and importance should be noted. This will help the decision-makers know exactly what they are paying for. Summarize

All marketing research proposals need to include a final Summary and Recommendations section. The proposal itself should touch on almost all options for conducting this research campaign, but this final portion should contain recommendations and an evaluation of all the options that were presented in the proposal.


Be sure that your proposal is error free and contains all pertinent information and all necessary sections in order to make it complete, readable, and comprehensible for those who will receive it.

Be sure that it has all necessary sections and make sure that the objectives are well laid-out and quite clear.

In conclusion

A market research proposal for your beauty business, doesn’t need to be hard to structure, anyone can draft a proposal. It is important, regardless of what your proposal’s purpose is, that it is well thought-out, edited, and as clear and concise as possible. The content of your proposal may be a winner, but if you don’t put it out there in an easy to navigate, straight forward manner, it won’t stand a chance.

There is more to writing a market research proposal than what has been discussed above, but hopefully this helps you go in the right direction with your next proposal.

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