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You're in the business of marketing and advertising online. The success of your entire business depends on how well you execute these 2 elements.

I used to get asked the question of "What business are you in?" This was a tough one for me to answer for a long time. I thought I was in the skin care business, the beauty business, the bath & body business and even though I sold all of these products this was not my business.

The awakening came when I was attending a seminar and the moderator said to us, "I don't care what product you're selling, you are in the business of marketing and advertising." Well this was not creative at all to me, after all I sold beauty products and I wanted someone else to take care of the marketing and advertising.

Fortunately for me, my husband is very knowledgeable about marketing and advertising online and I could depend on him 100% to keep these things in check for our business.

As our business began to grow I realized that I'd better step up my game and join him on the side of marketing and metrics. It's what you don't know that could hurt you.

I had the creative side down to a science and since this is what I've done for over 15 years, I could step back and allow my children to begin their reign as entrepreneurs.

They've worked with us since they were youngsters. The business of marketing and advertising online places you in a very powerful position.

When you're marketing and advertising online, don't neglect your numbers. Know your numbers! ... what it cost you to acquire a customer, what's your return on that investment, what your net profit is on a given product, what kind of margin you have on a product, how many units you need to sell in order to reach your sales goal ...whew! And these are just the basics.

But here is what we're never taught about business when we go to consultants or workshops/seminars. Basic math will give you every number you need.

Business is often made to seem more complex than it really is but if you can add, multiply, divide and subtract ... you can run your business.Be sure not to let go of your common sense.

If that little voice tells you to get another opinion before you make a final decision, do it! You might come back to where you were but at least you'll have peace of mind when you do. If you don't let people know that you have a product for sale, it's not going to leave your shelf. I wish it was that easy, but the world doesn't run on osmosis. Early in my career, I read a book by a man named Joe Girard called How to Sell Anything To Anybody. He sold Chevrolet's.

His premise was that if you came within three feet of him you were going to know he had cars to sell. One example in his book was that of him attending a football game and every time a team scored a touch down or there was any type of excitement, he'd throw up a hand full of business cards.

He'd do this until he'd covered the entire stadium. He figured the business cards were cheap enough at so many thousand for a few bucks, that it was a good form of advertising.

It never failed. Every time he did this, someone would show up at his dealership looking for him and tell him they got his card at a football game and that they were in the market for a car.

Point being, he made himself known with his cards and he figured the number of walk ins he'd get from his visit to the stadium and the number that purchased was worth his investment in time and money. Marketing and advertising online will give you the same results.

Some of you might feel that this is a bit pushy but the next time you're on your favorite social network, count the number of times you see a given product advertised. Are they being pushy or are they making you aware of the product they're selling? It's all in how you perceive it.

You set the perception that your customers have of you. You're not being pushy, are you? You're just making them aware of what you sell. So, what business are you in? You got it! Marketing and advertising online. Without these components, you have no business.

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