Your Marketing Knowledge and Skills - How To Increase Them

What have you done lately to increase your marketing knowledge and skills?

The best way to do this is to pay attention to what’s going on around you in your daily life as it pertains to marketing.

Once you become a student of marketing and you’ve read and listened to content about the subject and have a good understanding of what’s it’s all about, your next step is to observe it in your everyday life.

Finding Marketing knowledge and skills in everyday life

You’re going to see ads, look at commercials on television, listen to commercials on the radio and if you pay strict attention to what you study, you can become much more aware of the messages and how to use them in your own marketing campaign.

People who are professional marketers create these messages. Many of them are highly paid copywriters writing the ads for magazines and newspapers.

They know how to write headlines, bullets and so on to get your attention and convince you to purchase the products or services they’re promoting. So pay attention to those things and you’ll become a much better marketer.

What does your mailbox have to offer in the way of marketing knowledge and skills both online and offline?

Even when you get direct mail pieces in your mailbox, don’t just throw them away. Some of the best marketers and copywriters take their direct mail and study them thoroughly.

When you find yourself wanting to read more of a message that’s been sent to you, ask yourself what compelled you to read more. Pay very close attention to the answer you give to this question, because what motivated you to read further will motivate other people as well.

It’s the same thing with e-mail. Sometimes you just delete stuff as you come across it because you get so many, but sometimes you’ll see a subject line and, right away, it grabs your attention and convinces you to read further.

You open the e-mail, read the headline, first paragraph and are encouraged to read further. Remember to ask yourself “why”. What did that message say that resonated with you to keep reading?

Even driving down the highway on city streets you’ll see billboards that can teach you about marketing strategies. Some people pay quite a bit of money to place those billboards there.

If a billboard catches your eye (or doesn’t), study some of those messages, look at the images and see if you can find different strategies and tactics in them to help you have a deeper understanding of marketing.

You couldn’t be in a better place than America … it’s capitalism everywhere you turn. Now, even in the bigger cities, you see marketing messages on taxis, buses and subway stations.

So everywhere you go, there’s some kind of message that you can view, listen to and read to have a deeper understanding of what this whole game of marketing is about.

Late night Infomercials can teach you a lot about marketing knowledge and skills

I once attended a teleseminar and heard a marketer say he’s up at 3 o’clock in the morning studying infomercials.

Aside from cheaper time slots, he said that’s when most of the best infomercials come on TV and that they use some of the best direct response techniques like testimonials, guarantees, case studies and scarcity.

Very skilled marketers produce these infomercials, so you can learn a lot from them.

Once he said that, I began to do the same thing in watching infomercials and studying the techniques that were used and it really increased my understanding of direct response marketing.

Finally …

I asked the question earlier in the beginning of this article, how do you increase your knowledge of marketing? By paying attention to what’s going on in your daily life.

When you see these different messages, analyze them and see what you can learn from them. Over time, it’ll become second nature to you and you’ll begin to see and know exactly what the marketer had in mind.

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