More Offline Marketing Strategies To Get Your Business Flourishing As You Share Your Expertise

I was recently at a marketing conference and the subject of offline marketing strategies came up when I was talking to another guest at the event. We were bouncing ideas off of each other with business cards, direct mail, trade shows and then I remembered the value of lecturing and speaking.

You and I are not a business owners by accident. Having the drive and ambition to start a business means that we have acquired a certain level of education and/or expertise in our chosen areas of commerce.

Perhaps you are an expert in candle or soap making; maybe you have been creating custom perfumes for twenty years; or possibly you are a professional aesthetician. No matter what your area of expertise, there are always groups, organizations and people in general who are interested in learning about your craft.

Offering to talk about your business, or a specific area of business specialty, free of charge at a local event is one of the best marketing strategies to network and grow your business.

Speaking engagements present an ideal opportunity to let everyone know how skilled and knowledgeable you are about your niche area of industry.

As a result, you can be sure when attendees are looking for a business to patronize, they will think of you first. It is also very common to leave an event with the names of several new clients, or maybe even orders!

There are so many different groups you can approach to offer educational guest speaking services free of charge. If you're in the beauty industry, for example, start with women’s organizations and networking groups that meet on a regular basis. You can also contact “mom” meetings, that are focused on offering a night out for busy stay-at-home mothers.

Colleges and universities are also constantly on the lookout for quality speakers. Perhaps you could focus your lecture on getting ready for the work world, from a beauty perspective.

For executive and business organizations, with members who are already stressed for time, you may want to approach it from a different perspective.

From a public speaking perspective, make sure you know how much time you have and then practice your speech or presentation many times so you know you are going to be able to fill the time.

Always save a little time at the end for a Q&A period, so that you can not only answer any audience questions but also give you a further opportunity to promote yourself and your business.

Don’t feel shy about tooting your own horn a little and conducting a little discreet business promotion. These are marketing Strategies, remember. The group organizer is quite aware that you are offering your services free of charge for a very specific reason – to promote your business.

The key (and sometimes this takes a little practice) is striking the right balance – giving an educational or informative presentation while still gaining some critical and targeted business exposure from the event.

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