Grow Your Business by Networking and Marketing With LinkedIn

If you are not into Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, you may be interested in marketing with LinkedIn, a purely business focused social networking site.

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn (sometimes written as Linked In), this professional networking website boasts more than 43 million members from more than 170 countries - and that number is growing fast.

Here is how marketing with LinkedIn works in a nutshell:

Each Registered member builds and maintains a list of business contacts, based on people they know.

This may include work colleagues, industry associates, college and university alumni buddies, and general business associates.

The goal is to add people, known as “connections” that you know and trust. Anyone can be invited, even if they are not a member of LinkedIn.

Like a network marketing plan, you then begin to build second degree and third degree connections – these are people who are remotely connected to you via a mutually trusted business contact.

This is an excellent way to network and introduce your contacts to others on your list.

Marketing with LinkedIn is great for finding work, meeting new industry partners and suppliers and getting introduced to valuable business connections.

There are also LinkedIn groups you can join that relate to your professional areas of interest. If you cannot find a relevant group, you can start one.

If you want to make the most of LinkedIn and continue to build your business network, stay on top of your account and keep your information current and fresh.

There are a few ways to do this easily.

Update Your Status Often – on your profile page, it asks you (similar to Twitter) what are you working on now? LinkedIn shows profiles that have recently been updated.

If you keep your status current, it increases your networking opportunities.

Toot Your Own Horn - Make sure you include a strategic resume.

Let others see what your background is in business including your education, the business that you own and what led up to starting your own business.

Be Proactive - If you want this site to work for you, reach out and send a message to other registered users on that you find interesting – this would include potential clients, business partners and even competitors.

Become a Groupie - Search for and find groups that work into your master marketing plan. However, if you make a commitment and join a group, make an effort to be an active participant.

This type of obligation reflects well on your business as well.

Aside from these basic ideas, it is really important that you take the time to complete your profile as completely as possible.

If you make a half baked attempt at LinkedIn, and yet you link it to your online business, it only reflects poorly upon you and your business venture.

This is the type of excellent business networking website that can do amazing things for a small business owner, looking to seriously build a company.

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