Marketing Your Beauty Business Online: It’s important to Implement What You Know

Home Study Courses, Webinars - Have You Implemented What You Know?

Marketing your beauty business online can be a challenging and exciting adventure. When you buy home study courses, listen to different webinars or get coaching from other mentors on how to market your beauty business online, you need to implement that information right away.

You take in the information and you need to get up and apply that information. The knowledge, information and strategies you learn will not get you immediate results if you don’t implement what you know.

In the beginning and up until a year ago, we were buying home study courses and going to different workshops so much that things started piling up.

Before we could even get to read or digest some of the information, we were buying new information. We had home study courses piling up in the corner with the plastic wrap still on it and we hadn’t even gotten into it.

Stop Looking For The Next New Shiny Object

We had online courses that we hadn’t fully digested and we were looking for the next new shiny object.

To keep looking and looking for the “next new” thing from different marketers is not going to get you where you want to go marketing your beauty business online.

You have great coaches and mentors out there, but you have to determine in what sequence you actually need these products. Sometimes the timing isn’t right. You may be at a certain point in your business and the product you have is something that will come into play and be useful for you down the line.

So be very careful and discreet when buying a particular product you may need for your business.

For example, you get products out there teaching you how to get all of this traffic to your web pages.

But if you don’t have a web page that’s been proven to convert, what’s the use of getting the traffic there. You have to be sure, before you even consider a product that promises a considerable amount of traffic, that the landing page you’re sending this traffic to is going to get sales or help you build your database.

Also, before purchasing some of these products it’s a good idea to go into forums related to your niche and ask other people about the product.

Ask if anyone has had experience with the product and if it’s worked out for them. Of course the person selling you the product is going to tell you it’s great, but you want to find out from an objective party how effective those products are for them before you move ahead and make a purchase.

Also, when you’re implementing these strategies for marketing your beauty business online, your beauty business, you want to make sure that you do things in sequence (one at a time).

Don’t try to implement everything all at once because you’re just going to get confused and overwhelmed. Just keep implementing a little at a time and you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.

It’s also a good idea to constantly go back and review your information. I’ve done that with different courses I’ve purchased and it really sank in the second time around.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you monitor the results that you’re getting closely. You want to track it with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and once you implement some of these strategies you’ve learned you need to see what the results are.

You don’t have to track these on a daily basis but you at least want to do a minimum of once a week. You don’t want to waste time and energy on a tactic and it’s not paying off for you. So make sure you’re paying close attention to the results that you’re getting.

Finally …

The most important thing to know about marketing your beauty business online is you’ll always run out of time and money before you run out of what you know. So you want to make sure that you implement what you’ve learned.

Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power. So make sure you don’t procrastinate and look for perfection.

Make progress, not perfection. Just get started and you can always make corrections along the way.

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