Marketing Your Beauty Product

Are You Ready To Embark On Marketing Your Beauty Product?

As a small business, not only are you confronted with the challenge of marketing your beauty product, you’re also having to find a way to label your products, get them to market, create the products and market the product.

When you’re running your beauty business whether it’s a small hand crafted bath and body company, a cosmetic line or a scented candle business whatever your products may be within the confines of the beauty industry, you’ve got some work a head of you.

Running and starting a business is no small task. You’re responsible for manufacturing, packaging, selling and collecting the payments, stocking the shelves, paying taxes, gaining clients to sell to…etc.

Are Your Products Ready For The Market?

Before you can start marketing your product you’ll want to make sure it's are ready for market. There are certain things that you’ll want to have a checklist of having done:

Labeling Your Products - The first thing on your list is making sure that the label you have on your product is done according to the guidelines of your government. In the US there are specific guidelines on how manufacturers can label and market a given cosmetic product. This document can be researched online so you will know what those guidelines consist of. If you live outside of the US you’ll want to be sure of what your governments requirements are for manufacturing a cosmetic product.

Do You Need A License? - Next you’ll want to make sure your local government requirements are intact as well when it comes to running a business in your area. You’ll want to check to see whether or not you need a license to run a business from your home or a small warehouse. You’ll want to know what those license fees are and how much you’ll need to operate your business.

Some states have what’s known as a litter tax.

Do You Have A System For Keeping Your Records? - The next thing you’ll want to be conscious of is do you have a good record keeping system. This is very crucial because sometimes as creators you get so caught up in the side of getting product ready. You want to make sure it has a certain packaging and color. But what type of record keeping system do you have? Do you have receipts that you collected at a trade show or craft fair? What other paper work will you need to have in place when it’s time for you to have your taxes in place?

There’s nothing like having a good record keeping system for any business but as a small business owner you definitely want to keep things in place so you’ll understand how well you’re doing.

Business Insurance - One of the things that are not spoken about is business insurance. When you’re manufacturing personal care items your clients may have an allergic reaction. It’s not something that you want to happen but you can’t guarantee it. So as a precaution, insurance is extremely important when it comes to manufacturing your product. You want to have insurance when it comes to your business equipment and the supplies.

Whether it is from your home, rental space or office space you want to always have the necessary insurance to cover all of your expenditures. • Sales and Marketing Literature - The next thing you want to take a look at in marketing your beauty product is whether you have enough sales literature or marketing, so when a potential client asks you for information about your product, you’ll have something to offer them. An example of a piece would be a brochure that talks about your line. A flyer or business card that will represent your product in the best light to the public or a given market.

As you move forward with all of your marketing efforts in marketing your beauty product, you’re going to get request from people who are going to want a business card, a catalog, inquire about an affiliate program, a distributorship, wholesale…etc.

Setting Yourself Up As A Business That Helps Others Earn Money

If your marketing your beauty product well and people are very satisfied with the product you’re selling and the results they’re getting from the use of your product, they’re going to want to know if it’s something they can sell. They’ll also want to know how your company can assist them in selling your product.

Often times you’ll have companies that are small and they can get a boost when they offer their product to someone at a wholesale price to sell for them. These people will start selling on their jobs, at craft fairs and you’ll find yourself being the supplier to a lot of people who may want a second income. Maybe they’ve been laid off from their job and your product can represent doors opportunity for them.

I talk to a lot of small business owners and sometimes I hear from them that their lines are taking off faster than they imagined and it throws them into a tailspin. They sometimes find that they can’t handle the growth of their business when people are asking about buying wholesale. This often happens when you're marketing your beauty product well.

Psychologically they haven’t seen themselves going to this place, but it is definitely a place that you’ll get to and get to fast, if your client is buying from you and getting excellent result.

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