Planning Your Mothers Day Promotion For Your Beauty Business

Promoting Your Beauty Products For Mother’s Day

Have you planned your Mothers Day promotion for your beauty business? Typically one would think that starting right after Valentine’s Day would be an excellent time to plan your Mother’s Day promotion.

But in essence, right after Valentine’s Day is when you might want to be completing your phase and start setting everything up to start mailing out your promotional materials.

If you are a skin care company and you have a relationship with a spa or esthetician, you might want to speak with the owner and have your products offered in a sample size so they can be given as gifts for someone to try before they actually invest in a full size product.

Creating Sample Sizes for Your Mothers Day Promotion

If you know that your mom has dry skin, then what you would want to do is create a skin care sample kit for dry skin.

Your mother may not be the only one with dry skin but you’re using her as an example. For the spa owner and the esthetician, they’ll be able to use your products as part of their back bar, which are the products they use to perform their services.

And at the same time have sample sizes that are packaged a certain way so they can offer them for sale to their clients.

They can also promote them as part of a facial or a gift certificate. There are so many variables that can be taken into account when it comes to creating gift ideas.

Sample kits make excellent gift ideas. They don’t have to be priced extremely high which means they won’t cost a lot of money. It allows the receiver of the gift to try this product without spending a lot of money.

Mothers Day Promotions … Beauty For Your Bath In Sample Sizes

If, on the other hand, you were someone who manufactures soaps or bath salts, then you’d consider packaging up different scents.

If you’re a soap maker you might have a line of soaps in lemon verbena, lavender, lemon grass, or vanilla and sandalwood.

You could make these into miniature sizes and package them as a miniature set or full size bars consisting of 4 to 6 units.

What you’re doing is creating a bundling concept and in bundling your bars of soap in 4 to 6 bars, you’re allowing someone to be able to try your product and come back for more.

The same thing applies to a bath salt. Establishing a given scent package so that it can be purchased as a sample set.

These salts would be in small sizes so that they can be packaged as gift items. They’d make the perfect gift for being able to try the salt without having to purchase a full size not knowing which scent they liked best.

Holiday Promotions and Your Timeline

When you’re setting up any promotion for a given holiday, whether it’s Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, sample sizes and product bundling are a great way to introduce your product.

When you’re looking for a timeline, if you are manufacturing your own products you’ll want to look for a product that you have in stock.

So if you have gone through a Valentine’s Day promotion the first thing you want to do is take inventory to see what you have left.

This gives you the opportunity to finalize your Mothers Day promotion, which technically, on paper, should have been kicking into gear before Christmas.

Each year should begin a new planning phase for that year. It really should take place at the end of the previous year.

When you plan at the end of the year you’re planning so that you’re coming into the present year ready to execute each promotion for each holiday that you’re going to have a promo for.

So for Mother’s Day promotions, go for something simple, if you’re just starting out. Create a simple product or concept. Pull from your existing inventory and create a combination that you would want to receive as a mother.

It may not work for everyone but as a woman you will understand in general what another woman would like to receive and it’s a great way to get your feet wet.

Nothing happens perfectly the first time. Everything is testing even if you’ve done it for ten years, you’ll have a better idea of what a product will do in terms of sales but everything is a testing phase.

Yes you’re going to have butterflies, but they’re going to allow you to work through that nervousness and get through your Mothers Day promotion.

So begin with inventory that you have on hand and create a concept you can use to kick-start your beauty business and your yearly campaigns.

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