Guest Post - Online Copywriting: Words Are Money

The Internet has long been seen as a sort of great equalizer. An invisible, yet omnipresent force that began as a novelty – a clunky marvel of communications technology – and grew into a digital universe in which everyone you know and everyone you don’t know can live out their dreams in relative anonymity.

The Internet at once reflects who we are, who we were, and who we hope to be.

Movements on the Internet over time can create opportunities for writers (see: free blogs) and take them away (see: print); over the last year, the Internet has given rise to an entire industry around the purchase and sale of words.

Online copywriting is a booming business of late, thanks in part to Google’s Panda update which essentially upended the Internet and shook out all the worthless sites filled with hyperlinks and spammy ads.

It was a colonic for the Internet, designed to populate search results with more relevant content in lieu of ads for everything from dating sites to mail order chocolates. As a result, businesses that wanted to build an online reputation for themselves came to depend on online copywriting more, and less on primitive marketing tactics.

Writers are generally viewed as comic figures made up of equal parts talent, poverty and depression. Imagine the surprise then, when after years of Toiling in the Void (the name of many-a-writerly blog), hundreds of companies were willing to contract the best bloggers to generate content for them. A door has opened that cannot be shut, and for the aspiring writer who doesn’t know how she will get paid for her words, online copywriting provides a refuge from the anxiety, remorse and dread that comes with an English degree.

As copywriting comes to the fore of Internet marketing, opportunities are springing up where there was before naught but dusty tundra depleted of all resources. Five years ago, blogging would not have been a viable notch on the ol’ resume unless it was tied to a larger, successful site. Now, blogging with style and verve is worth hard, golden bars to many SEO agencies, and writers the world over are getting their chance to shine in the best way possible: with a paycheck.

Online copywriting may sound specific, but it actually covers any number of jobs in the Internet marketing field—guest blogging, content generation, and email marketing among others. Copywriters often have to craft the e-mail newsletters for various businesses that are probably sitting in your inbox right now.

It can also veer into a different direction: press releases, on-site content, wording for infographics, scripts for Youtube videos. All these and more are within the realm of possibility for a writer trying to take his/her skills online for profit.

If you’re interested in falling through the writer's rabbit hole, there are many avenues you can check out: content marketplaces like Writer’s Access pair writers with clients for pay, SEO agencies hire writers to generate content, and sometimes businesses themselves create an in-house SEO team as part of their marketing sector.

Online copywriting delivers on the Internet’s promise of opportunity by giving writers an avenue to express themselves in a business context, gain professional experience and hone their craft: it’s a perfect storm for writers and companies alike.

About The Author

Thomas Stone is a freelance writer and a frequent contributor at Ethical Affluence

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