5 Strategies To Finding An Online Marketing Consultant

Got Reference?

1. The first strategy for finding an online marketing consultant is to get references. You want to get references and make sure that you follow up on those references. Make phone calls and send emails to the person that’s given to you as a reference and ask them how the experience was when you were working with this particular consultant.

In the beginning when we were seeking out an online coach, we failed to follow up. We were given some names, but we didn’t follow up and actually ask questions about the experience that the reference had with the coach. So make sure you don’t make the mistake that we did and actually follow up to make sure that it’s a valid reference.

When you’re questioning the reference, make sure they can point to a project online that the consultant supposedly helped them with and then investigate it. Even when you’re getting a reference from an associate that’s pointing you to a consultant, make sure you follow up on the background of that consultant. Sometimes consultants go bad meaning that your reference may have had a good experience with this consultant, but over time their services have gone bad and they may not be the same person or their services may not be up to par. Look For The Success Trail

2. Make sure that the online marketing consultant can point to some online projects that they’ve worked on with success. You want to actually have websites they can point to and show you the type of success they’ve gotten for previous or present clients. Don’t let them just say “I’ve worked with” or “I’ve made this blah blah blah a certain amount of money.” We fell for this and didn’t actually follow up and look at the online project that they claimed to have worked on.

Communication, Communication, Communication

3. You want to make sure the communication between you and the online marketing consultant is good. You don’t want to send emails and not get an answer back within 24 hours. If you have to make a phone call to the consultant, you want to make sure they return your phone calls. Open communication is very important.

Again, we’ve worked with online marketing consultants in the past that we’ve emailed and didn’t get a response for days and it was the same thing with phone calls. We now make sure that if we work with any consultant and the communication is bad, we cut off the relationship immediately. You can’t have a good business relationship without quality communication between the consultant and yourself. Time IS Money

4. You want to make sure that all projects that the consultant is supposed to complete are completed in a timely manner. If they give you a certain date or time that a project is supposed to be completed, make sure that it’s done on time with NO excuses.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but you want to make sure there’s not a series of projects that need to be completed and they are constantly going over the timeline that you and the consultant have agreed on. So make that clear before you go into an agreement with the consultant that you want projects done on time and you want to make sure that your time isn’t wasted. Time Is Money.

We gave too much rope when it came to this. We’d have projects that were supposed to be done at a certain time and months would go by without completion. Don’t make that mistake. Don’t become too friendly and lenient with them. Make sure that everything is done on time.

Everybody Must Be On The Same Page

5. Lastly, you want to make sure you have a good chemistry with your consultant. Sometimes they’re very good at what they do but the chemistry isn’t right. You might’ve experienced this with coworkers at a job or some family members. Sometimes that persons personality and their way of doing things doesn’t vibe with the way that you do things.

So make sure you have a good chemistry and a good relationship with this person before you consider hiring them.

If you follow these 5 simple strategies you’ll be sure to find a good consultant that will be able to lead you to success.

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