Online Marketing Schemes - 6 Ways To Avoid Them

When it comes to online marketing schemes, this may not be new to some of you who’ve been marketing online for a while. But for those of you who are just getting started or haven’t been marketing online very long, avoiding these schemes can save you a lot of time and money.

We got caught up in some of these in our early years of online marketing and lost money, time and rankings as a result.

Here Are Examples of Marketing Schemes to Avoid

Avoid Link Farms

One of many online marketing schemes are link farms. They are groups of websites or blogs you can join and they promise that you can exchange links in that group of websites. This activity will definitely raise a red flag with Google and you can be penalized severely by the search engines.

So be very careful when people tell you that you can pay a certain fee and they will guarantee you a certain amount of links coming to your site.

These links are from a certain group of blogs that are basically linked together and pointing links to the members of the link farm.

If anyone is openly selling links from a website and you have pages with a whole grouping of links on the page and they’re offering to sell you links back to your page, avoid that like the plague.

Google and the other search engines hate that, especially after the Panda update.

Directory Submission

Another of many online marketing schemes to avoid are directory submissions. That's when someone promises you they’re going to do this massive directory submissions of your website to a whole lot of directories at one time.

Google’s not giving that much credit to directory submissions at this point. You’ll still get some credit from the Yahoo directory and DMOZ but if you get caught up in one of these schemes where they promise you they’ll submit your pages to a massive amount of directories and get you hundreds of links in a short period of time, this definitely can be devastating to your rankings and business.

So be careful of outsourcing your link building to workers especially if you don’t know exactly how they’re getting links into your pages.

They’re using all kinds of software and schemes to get links. You’re paying money and you’re really in a position where you’re losing credibility and trust with the search engines.

The best way to do this is by what is referred to as “white hat” techniques. That’s actually to stick to Google’s terms of service as well as the other search engine’s TOS.

SEO Gurus

Be careful of SEO gurus who want money up front and they’re promising you they can get your pages ranked in a certain position in the search engines and in a certain amount of time.

This is another of many online marketing schemes out there. We fell for it and we paid money up front and the SEO gurus took several months to even get around to doing basic things.

But we never got the rankings we were promised, not from them anyway. That was a mistake on our part from the beginning.

The only way to get rankings in Google or the other search engines is to work at it. And that’s by having quality content targeted to your prospects and customers and having a solid link building program set up for your website.

There are no shortcuts so be careful when SEO gurus come and ask you for money up front and make these promises.

The best way to avoid that is for YOU to go through the learning curve yourself and learn about SEO. It’s not rocket science like a lot of people try to make it seem.

Content Spinning Software

We’ve never personally gotten involved with this particular type of online marketing scheme, but anytime you take software and one article and try to put it through the software and make 3 or 4 articles from that one article, it definitely will have sub par content as a result.

Google and the other search engines are getting smarter everyday and have hundreds of PhD’s working on their search quality.

After the Panda update, you don’t want to use any software to spin your content to produce multiple articles.

The best thing to do is have those articles re-written by humans and make sure each article is completely unique. It’s okay to cover the same subject from different angles, but it has to be originally written by humans and not spawned by machines.

PPC Gurus

This is a situation we got caught in where we put several thousand dollars up front just for them to set up our PPC campaign. Before they wrote the first keyword list they wanted to know what the minimums to spend would be.

You don’t want to put up a lot of money up front for pay per click services. That’s a business you want to move into slowly and spend a minimum amount of money in the beginning until you can get your head around how pay per click actually works.

Better yet you don’t want to invest a lot of money until you know what keywords are actually working and converting for you in your campaigns. PPC gurus are one of the biggest online marketing schemes out there.

The Weekend Business In A Box

This is something we got caught up with in the early stages of our online business career. You have some gurus promising that if you pay them several thousand dollars over a weekend, you’ll leave with a complete business with a squeeze page, auto responder set up and that’s impossible. It’s impossible for a person to go through a 4-day crash course and set up a viable business online. It takes time. I don’t care how smart you are or how high your IQ is, you cannot learn All you need to know in one weekend.

You certainly can’t do all of the keyword research or competitive analysis to find out exactly what your market wants and pick a viable business model in one weekend.

So be very careful when you hear people tell you to give them X amount of money to come out for the weekend course and you leave with this complete business set up and making money by the next week.

That’s not going to happen. It's a classic online marketing scheme and it’s not viable.

Instant Moneymaker

You’ve seen these online marketing schemes, right? These ‘Put up a website, do no work and then just wake up the next morning and see money rolling into your bank account’ schemes.

Now I’ve never gotten involved in that type of scheme, but I’ve certainly seen infomercials where they promise if you buy the website or a number of websites, you put them up, pay a small fee and you just play golf all day, hang out at the beach and you go check your bank account and money is constantly flowing into your account.

I don’t think so!


This article is for people who are just getting started or have been trying to promote their website for a short period of time.

For the people out there who are pros, I’m sure you’ve run into these schemes already. I hope the information will help you in this article to avoid losing money and time and also going through frustrations that we encountered.

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