Pay Per Click Advertising For Your Business Success

While SEO gives you staying power in the search engines, Pay Per Click advertising will bring traffic to your site in no time flat. It's not required for you to wait for the search engines to index your pages, which can take weeks (sometimes months) to happen. With a good headline, strong copy and high ranked focused keyword bids, you can see traffic coming to your site tomorrow.

The trade off for PPC advertising is cost. While SEO takes months to really kick in, the process cost virtually nothing to execute. Pay per click however, can run up to hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the effectiveness of your campaign and size of your niche.

Pay per click is defined as "An Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked." In the case of Google, Yahoo or Bing PPC, it works the same way except for the paying process. With search engines, you bid on a keyword or multiple keywords. How many keywords you bid on and what kind of keywords you bid on will determine how many impressions your ad will receive. When your ad is seen and clicked on, you pay based on whatever you set your bid for that particular keyword.

I know it can sound complex at first, but the overall process is fairly simple to grasp. Here's an example:

-I'd like to run a Google adwords campaign for my fitness site.

-I create an ad with a great headline for my product review page that I'd like to bring more traffic to.

-I bid on numerous fitness related keywords that range from low, medium and high monthly search volume. (Even misspelled words can convert traffic)

-I make my ad live and it's now visible in the "sponsored search results" section on the SERPs.

-My ad now begins to receive clicks.

-I pay accordingly to how many clicks my ad receives.

That's the process. When it comes to PPC, you always want to be making more than you're spending. If it cost you $1.05 per click, you want to be making $1.15 at least. This can be a bit of a challenge because, like stocks, your campaign traffic can fluctuate and it's important not to get rattled when this happens.

You need to be aware of which keywords are bringing you the best traffic (conversion). When a keyword(s) isn't working, take it out and bid on another one. Test, test, test.

Pay per click is a great way to boost your traffic in an instant. Some choose to work exclusively with PPC, but I would suggest you supplement it with your SEO. Let the two compliment each other. Think of the conversion potential in being visible in both the organic search results and the sponsored ads.

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