Persistence and Patience In Marketing Online

You, Your Business and Marketing Online

When marketing your business online Patience and Persistence are 2 words you want to keep in front of you, Here’s why.

When you begin marketing online the learning curve is huge. There are many things that you need to learn and these things can’t be rushed.

Many of the things you learn, you think you understand in the beginning.

But as you move forward in marketing your company online, you’ll look back and realize you didn’t have a deep understanding of those things after all.

Things such as

SEO, learning how the search engines work takes time. I was speaking to one of my mentors who is very successful marketing online and he told me that it took him3 years just to get his head around key words, rankings and search.

So learning how search engines work and how keywords fit into being found in the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), is something that can take a bit of time to get a deep understanding.

This is where persistence and patience comes in. You must be patient with yourself and not try to learn everything overnight, yet persistent enough to not give up.

Secondly, you need to become patient when it comes to building traffic. Traffic, when it comes by way of the search engines, takes time as you create quality content.

It takes time for the search engine spiders to crawl that content and then decide whether or not to index your pages. If they do index the pages, that takes time also.

Persistence, Patience and Marketing Online

So you really have to be patient and persevere because it’s an ongoing process. You can’t give up when you see your traffic isn’t growing as fast as you’d like.

Your traffic might take a big leap forward or go sideways, it may even go backwards for a time.

But you have to have perseverance and stick with it even when it’s going sideways. You have to continue to work on your content and work on getting inbound links into your pages.

Persistence and Patience In Building Your Brand When Marketing Online

Building your brand doesn’t happen overnight. You want to make sure you have some brand awareness online.

You’re not trying to be Coca-Cola but you want people to recognize you within your niche and what your brand is all about.

It may be a small niche market but you want them to know who you are. So that’s a process that can’t be done overnight.

People have to see you out there in different places like

Facebook and Twitter and a few different article directories.

The more your company name is out there the more it builds your brand. That’s also a process that takes patience and perseverance.

In addition to that, relationship building is crucial. Networking and building relationships with other people in your niche market is a must.

It’s possible to develop a win-win relationship with your direct competitors. If you competitor is willing to work with you, they can help promote your business and you can help promote theirs. Therefore, both of you add to your bottom line.

But to find a win-win relationship is a process that you have to be patient with and it takes time to really do it effectively.

How Do You Identify Your Money Keywords When Marketing Online?

When identifying the money keywords in every market or niche, there are certain keywords that are “money” keywords.

Money keywords are the keywords used by searchers to find your site and convert prospects/buyers to sales.

You have to identify the keywords that are actually making you money or bringing you leads for your database. Google Analytics can help you find them.

But that’s a process that takes time. You won’t be able to find that out overnight so you have to persevere with that and be patient in order to identify those important keywords.

Patience and Perseverance In Making Your Offer When Marketing Online

Another area that you’ll have to show patience and perseverance in is learning what offers your market will find attractive in order for them to make a purchase.

You have to test the pricing of your offers and/or the way your offer is delivered to your market.

Some people might prefer DVD’s while others might want an eBook. Testing will determine how the offer should be made.

You’ll want to survey your list from time to time to get an idea of what to offer them, but that’s also an ongoing process and you have to be patient and persistent.

You’ll want to observe your competition and get to know the top competitors in your market.

You want to study them, see how their sites are laid out, how they’re promoting their product or service to your niche market.

You want to know your competitors as well as they know themselves and this is also a process that requires time to really get to know the competition in your niche.


Finally, you want to see which marketing channels are working best for you. Is it social media, SEO, PPC or even video marketing?

You might find that YouTube videos bring you a good bit of traffic and maybe that traffic will convert for you.

You might find that your organic traffic brings you more sales. All in all, it’s a big learning curve.

So if you’re patient and persistent and don’t think of giving up, you will succeed in the long run.

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