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Podcasts: The Merger Between Blogging and Radio

The success of Apple’s iPod has changed lives in more than one way. It gave a new twist to the tale of webcast with a podcast.

It’s about broadcasts for the iPod or other mp3 players, which could be downloaded from the web. A mean tool, that iPod is, made the ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry storm his brain one nice morning and pioneer this new way of delivering syndicated website content to a digital audience.

While blogs have turned many bloggers into journalists, Curry’s regime could one day turn pod-casters into radio personalities. It definitely gives far more options in terms of content and programming than radio does. In addition, listeners can determine what program they want to receive and when they want to listen to it. They have the option to retain audio archives for their leisure.

What could one do with it?

Provide information to help people with self-guided walking tours, band promotional clips and interviews for music lovers, train/teach people engaged in various professional fields by organizing online talk shows, help people decide about their investments in better informed ways and, above all, they can make children and visually impaired people enjoy their lives much better.

Basics of Podcasting

Speaking plainly, one creates audio files and posts them on their websites. The content they produce can be syndicated with RSS. The subscriber to these feeds can listen to them, instead of reading an RSS feed reader or aggregator. In order to become a publisher to the Internet, you need to have a domain name first.

Then, the question of storing the blogs or sites has to be addressed. Good web hosting companies are of great help. The last two steps consist of starting a blog or website for posting all the show notes, links etc., and creating an RSS feed to allow people to subscribe to the blog’s feeds. Now, if you have got something to say, you can podcast it to the world.

Get it all up and running

There are a many tools and services that take care of it for you and make it easy. If someone is podcasting for the fun of it, he does not need to spend too much money and would be satisfied with a small to medium sized audience.

So, just go for Google’s free blogger service ( and Feed Burner for content syndication. Both are free services, so one does not have to spend any money.

At the next level, when the goal is to address a size-able audience, more bandwidth would be needed to accommodate all the subscribers. People often go for such services, which do not charge extra amounts for increasing numbers of subscribers.

Liberation Syndication is one of them, whose costs are almost unbeatable. Also, you need to find a service that provides in one easy place, all the elements like blog, feed, etc to publish your podcast to the Internet.

But, at a business level it needs thorough planning to grow your audience as large as possible. Dependable up time and service in your hosting is of the essence. And, an ability to customize websites according to your needs is also necessary.

Word press is widely recommended to accomplish this. It allows the creator to have their own web hosting account. A dedicated server for hosting all the files is also needed at this level. You could rent or own an internet-grade computer that hosts just your media.

To help all podcasters, a slew of good quality resources are available. With their help, people are finding it easier to accomplish their goals. It will be interesting to see how this publishing medium develops. Its potential is real and the process is not overly complex. Its virtues, too, cannot be under estimated.

For one, these are commercial-free and there can be no spam in this medium, as you only get content you subscribe to.

About the author

Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is a tech freak. She has a weak side for gadgets and beauty products and loves collecting them. Recently she added an iPod tablet, an organic foundation makeup and an electronic grooming kit to her collection.

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