How To Use Press Releases To Get Customers And Increase Your Bottom Line

Press releases are a very effective way to get massive traffic and natural links to your site in an instant. They can be distributed on the Internet through different services such as PR Web and E Releases.

These services can blast your article throughout the Internet to reach further destinations like Google News or Yahoo News. Your content can be written around many different topics such as launching a new product or service, the anniversary of when you started your business or the inception of your business.

A really good topic to write around can be a certain milestone in your business. You may have set certain targets or goals to grow your business in terms of revenue or product mix.

Or a share of the market or niche that you’re in. You may have added a new employee to your company and your employee may have a really impressive background and be a big contribution to your company and that’s a great topic. It could also be that you have a new executive or someone that you’re outsourcing work to.

Within your copy you want to make sure you use keywords. Keywords are extremely important. The keywords that you use to target your particular audience, just as you do when you write articles or special reports or blog post, this holds true when you want to be aware of the keywords that you use so you can get the attention of the target market.

You want to make sure that within the content you include certain links to your home page, e-commerce store or information site or blog page.

You also want to have a bio or resource box where you can put your contact information. You want to make sure you include important links.

You’re probably limited to the amount of links you can insert, but even nowadays you can link out to videos where you can give your prospects and clients even more information about your product/service. So you do want to include those links. You also want those links to have the right anchor text or keyword that you’d like to build the reputation of your website around.

You can also use press releases to make announcements about webinars or teleseminars that you’re planning to give. The release can talk about the upcoming webinar or teleseminar, who your special guest might be and who you’ll be interviewing. You can also do one after the event is over. In this case you would talk about how successful the event was and what you accomplished during that event.

We live in a time now where, because of the Internet, you have a worldwide audience that will be exposed to your content. I recommend that you use these paid services because you get better distribution more than tentative distribution.

Some of our associates have tried to use free services and the results were very poor. They ended up getting a lot of SPAM responses. But when they used the paid services, their results were always very good or outstanding. We had once done a press release and as a result we were invited to do a trade show, which gave us great exposure for our company. Another thing to keep in mind when you’re preparing your press release is to answer the 5 Ws.






Prospective clients are busy so you want to be very concise and to the point with your copy. It doesn’t need to be long and drawn out. It can be one or two pages long but it must be to the point.

When preparing your copy you also want to keep in mind, as far as the headline, that you have to include a benefit. How what you're writing will improve the lives of the reader or help to overcome a challenge they might have. Press releases such as giving free tips, advice or solving a problem are great for this purpose.

Also, remember not to put a lot of hype into your press release. You don’t want it to be over commercialized. You want to write in a tone of a reporter. In conclusion, press releases can be used once a month or, if your budget allows, twice a month to get the full impact for your business.

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