Product Descriptions - How To Write Them For Your Beauty Business

Writing product descriptions for your beauty business can be quite a challenge. A lot of people are concerned about how it’s done and done effectively.

It’s something that shouldn’t worry you and, with practice, everyone can become better. What you have to do is keep your eye on making sure that you write the feature of the product and follow it up with a benefit.

If you talk about a particular ingredient, like Shea butter, you can talk about the ingredients in Shea butter and where it’s actually produced. You would immediately follow that with a benefit and how it would smooth your skin and slow the aging process. Always stress the benefit it sells your product.

Sometimes you can lead with a benefit as well. Some marketers that I’ve studied have lead with a benefit and followed with a feature. You can always test your copy, change it around and see what gets the best response.

Buying from a drop shipper, change your product description and make it sizzle.

If you’re getting your product from a drop shipper and there are other people using the same description, you want to make sure you change it around and don’t use the exact description that other marketers of that same product are using

You NEVER want to use the same descriptions as a fellow marketer or affiliate marketer. Google is coming down hard on those who use or rely on duplicate content. By changing the verbiage and adding a little sizzle to how it’s written, you’ll attract more clients and possibly sell more products.

It can also be described as adding your own flavor to your copy. Think about the customer and how their experience with the product will be and what it can do for them and write your copy around that.

This will definitely help you to avoid having the same duplicate content that every other marketer selling that product is using.

Writing Product Descriptions for a Beauty Product You’ve Created?

If you’re going to write for a product that you’ve created, copy and product description won’t be an issue. But the same rules will apply, you’ll still be writing with the benefit to feature and feature to benefit of the product. People always want to know what’s in it for them.

Another thing with writing descriptions is that they don’t have to be long. People want you to get to the point and be specific.

Don’t worry about having a 300-400-word product description. Just a couple of paragraphs will do and your customer will get an idea of how the product will benefit them.

Test your description. Change the wording around and once you change it around, keep an eye on it and look at your conversion rate for each product. And when you beat the control, you’ve got a winner.

For example, if you had a description that was converting at 2%, you change the copy around and then it converts at 2½ %. Congratulations! But don’t rest on your laurels and be ok with that 2½ %.

You want to try and rewrite the copy and see if you can beat that 2½ % version. You want to constantly be trying to optimize your sales conversion for each product.

Writing descriptions for your beauty business can be a lot of fun. Like anything else you do, you’ll get better with time.

So just relax, practice and keep it simple. The main thing to keep in mind is to deal with the feature and benefit in whatever order is best for your particular product. Over time you’ll get better at it.

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